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  • The Road Back from Dead Man’s Curve

    The Road Back from Dead Man’s Curve

    by Paul Morantz as appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine September 12th, 1974 together with intermittent comments by Jan and Dean fans who together retyped it onto the internet in 2006 *************************************** In 2006,  32 years after its appearance in Rolling Stone some Jan and Dean fans each took sections of my story on Jan and Dean “Road [...]

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  • John Gottuso Sentencing

    John Gottuso Sentencing

    By the time the Pasadena City Attorney Office filed on John Gottuso most of his alleged abuse of students statue of limitations had lapsed.  One case proceeded.  The victim was not my client but she allowed me to speak for her that day.  My speech was nothing more than asking his past victims to stand [...]

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  • Kimi Video

    Kimi Video

    (video) A video in honor of my good friend, Kimi

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