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  • Don’t be brainwashed/murdered By Fox TV

    Don’t be brainwashed/murdered By Fox TV

    Some years ago, I was interviewed for documentary on the issue of whether Fox TV brainwashes. I confirmed that was the result for those who watched only Fox TV, and who do not watch real world news. But now the Fox station is actually aiding and abetting Corona 19 murdering Americans Fox Broadcasters [...]

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  • Hollywood Park Book Review

    Hollywood Park Book Review

    1st, let me say, the author is a very good writer and I hope he continues to write, either novels or nonfiction, picking subjects that will be helpful to the readers. While well-written, this is not a Synanon book. The author left Synanon at age 5. And while he has a strong Memory and writes of [...]

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  • Trump And Death

    Trump And Death

    Trump invades. Tulsa, Oklahoma

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