• Bye bye Roe v. Wade

    Bye bye Roe v. Wade

    Bye-bye Roe v. Wade – – About Time  A problem with politics is that like a pendulum solutions swing from side to side from one extreme to another in opposition when they need to settle in the middle. Generally, both sides are correct. They just protect different values.  Democrats want to take public money and spend it on programs to help [...]

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  • Wild Bunch

    Wild Bunch

    THE WILD BUNCH By Paul Morantz        When it comes to movies, USC’s head football coach, John McKay, is a real western fan. “Just give me a good old cowboy movie at anytime,” he once said, jokingly, “where they go around shooting Indians and everyone has a good time.”        Then, as if in response, came “The Wild Bunch” [...]

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  • The Ultimate Freedom

    The Ultimate Freedom

                                                                The Ultimate Freedom                                                                  By  Paul Morantz               “May his soul find peace,” the priest spoke softly, ending his sermon. The relatives, friends, the contemporaries and the admirers of the late Mr. J.R. Cannon, slowly passed by the coffin to pay their last respects to this exalted man. Each paused momentarily to gaze upon his radiant dignity that [...]

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  • The Green Spider

    The Green Spider

    A screen of an everlasting terror echoed throughout the dark room

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  • X AND Y

    X AND Y

    X AND Y By Paul Morantz 1962 I was no longer fifteen, anymore. I was sixteen now, and a real high school kid. To myself, I was a man and it did not seem that I could ever be more mature than I was or any more intelligent. The world kind of seemed opened to me and I was [...]

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    A BLUE COAT By Paul Morantz        John Curtis walked cheerfully down the sidewalk of a busy Beverly Hills Street, noisy and crowded with the bonking of horns from jammed up traffic and battles for parking spaces. John, himself, had been almost hit by a typical Beverly Hills driver while darting across the sidewalk. But nothing could anger him. It [...]

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    THE McKAY WAY By Paul Morantz To the average fan, the John McKay Way of football is quite simple. You begin by recruiting a line that can block anybody, a tailback who is the nation’s best rusher, a fullback who resembles a bulldozer, a quarterback who can scramble like hell, and ends who can catch a ball in a hurricane. Then you hide them. [...]

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  • Anthony Davis Superstar, Are You What They Say You are?

    Anthony Davis Superstar, Are You What They Say You are?

    He is the dot in the I formation

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  • Incident at Lola’s

    Incident at Lola’s

                                             INCIDENT  AT LOLA’S By Paul Morantz 1972 On a late Friday evening in April, David Vinje, a round man with big glasses and a shirt that bulged slightly over his trousers, walked into a San Fernando Valley called Lola’s Place. He nodded to his fellow patrons and sat down at the bar next to his friend Slim Bergman. The two appellee [...]

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    Be very afraid.

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