A misleading book by Claire Clark–Recovery Revolution

This site will be slowly assembled showing a page by page correction of Claire Clarks recovery revolution”, showing what she knew and would not print. Her book is not a piece of journalism or history, but advocacy of dangerous ideas that have in fact failed, been debunked, and hurt many people. In the column next to this, I will commence posting actual Synanon documents Clark could have reviewed if she had chosen to. In man cases, I will be referring to pages of my book, “From Miracle To Madness”, which unlike Clark’s book, was written from Synanon documents rather than propaganda dreams.

Her book was a dissertation so her deleting of negative history was approved by her mentor’s at University of Kentucky, and the publisher Columbia Press.

At a time in which we have to listen to false statements make almost daily by our president, it is very disturbing that our education system would disregard it’s obligation to teach us the lessons of history.

In addition, this book was very personally dehumanizing by suggesting that Synanon mutated necessarily and with justification to protect against it’s enemies, when in fact it’s founder Charles Dederich admitted he approved the response which was to engage in murder and mayhem, all of which Ms. Clark, The University of Kentucky, Columbia Press try to hide under the table. That they could be so cavalier to all the unfortunate victims of Synanon violence/brainwashing that the book says more about their character than it does about the subject matter.

Imagine if you were a survivor of the Holocaust and then you find a book that says it never happened and the Nazi’s had great ideas. That is how her book is received by the victims of Synanon, including both members and critics.

What is very interesting is my own book, “From Miracle to Madness”, a complete history of Synanon written mainly from Synanon’s own documents, is not even mentioned to exist. I have had many offers for film right for this book.