Synanon Violence Intentionally Omitted From Claire Clark’s Book “Recovery Revolution”

In Synanon whenever there was a new direction, people competed to show who was the most on board in order to get the Founder’s approval. Loyalty obtained status. When Dederich began comparing Synanon to the Mafia and directing breaking of bones, it followed that Synanon members wanted too show who was breaking the most bones in order to get the most approval. Therefore what you will see that follows are reports in which the authors are bragging over their amount of unlawful violence in order to obtain approval.

Ms. Clark in her book said Synanon had to “prepare to battle its enemies” suggesting that all of this was appropriate. When reading the memos you will see that the victims were not enemies at all and that Ms. Clark in order to put it;s subject on a pedestal just doesn’t tell the truth. It’s like putting a bust of Hitler in the train stations because he helped get the trains to run on time.

This would be the first public disclosure of these documents. I gave them once to USC, but they would not allow them to be public when they ran out of grants to finance the inventory. UCLA was offered the documents as they have the washed down version given by Synanon supporters, but inexplicably doesn’t respond to the offer. The University of Kentucky said they were interested, but when I pointed out they would contradict Clark’s book, I never heard from them again. I’m going to put Synanon documents up showing their child abuse, violence, and other wrongful acts. While Ms. Clark knew about the dark side of Synanon, if someone were to try a fake history again, it would be harder to claim deniability with these documents available online. Fact is, it was impossible for Ms. Clark to research Synanon and not know of their existence. If a five year old were to research synanon, they would easily find this history, and the existence of these documents. By making this anaalogy, it’s not my intent to disparage any five-year-olds.

Synanon Violence Documents (1)