Donald Trump– The new Jim Jones

Jim Jones Admirer

Donald Trump prototype

By Paul Morantz (copywrite July 2020)

On a long ago November 1978 night in the jungle of Guyana, a narcissistic And vicious cult leader played Pied Piper and lead his Flock to a mass grave by convincing them it was in the world’s interest that they drink the poisoned Kool-Aid.

Tonight, an even more Evil cult Leader isPlayingPied Piper and meeting a greater number willingly to their deaths, but worse than Guyana, by having them in take a deadly virus that before they die. They will spread and kill thousands of others.

Donald Trump, the man his niece calls the most dangerous man that ever lived, has gathered somewhere around 7000 of his horribles to shun masks, and cuddle As close as they can, in the Plains of South Dakota, in worship of Donald Trump.

From Hell, Jim Jones rejoices.

Donald Trump is one of the greatest mass murderers of all time, matching Hitler and Stalin. Remember when he said he could shoot somebody and everyone would still loved him? He is making that point, at least as to his Horribles. It ss hard to understand how his Republican Enablers can live with themselves. Each can only be as sociopathic as Donald Trump.

What if someone cloned Oswald and gave them back his rifle?