Don’t Be Trumped by Doppelgängers


                                  DON”T BE “TRUMPED”

                                                 doppelgänger s     


By Paul Morantz

Author: Escape: My Lifelong War Against Cults (with Halancaster and From Miracle  to Madness



“A group is extraordinarily credulous and open to influence, it has no critical faculty … Inclined … to extremes, the group could only be excited by excessive stimulus. Anyone who wishes to produce an effect upon it needs no logical arguments; he must paint in forcible colors, must exaggerate, and he must repeat same thing again and again… It respects force and only can be slightly influenced by kindness, which it regards as weakness… It wants to be ruled and impressed, and to fear its masters … And, finally, groups have never thirst after truth… They constantly give what is unreal precedence over what is real; they are almost as influenced by what is not true as by what is true. They have an evident tendency not to distinguish between the two… A group is an obedient herd, which could never live without a master. It has such a thirst for obedience that it submits instinctively to anyone who appoints himself as its master.”

 Sigmund Freud

Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell


Freud and Orwell would moan in their graves if they could see America today . Their  points are proven.  What the masses have done.  Remember the megalomaniac general that launched a nuclear war in the movie Dr. Strangelove?  Well, he’s the President now. And this is not a movie. We could actually call it a new word for the dictionary. They have been totally “Trumped.” What we have to be afraid of is ourselves and society needs to finally come to terms as how mob rule comes to power continuing throughout history.



Sociopaths and been in White House before and they have risen to power throughout history in ancient Kingdoms to modern times


Trump was at least honest,–he told us but we did not listen. He told us his heroes were Putin and Kim Jong-un. He envied their leadership. When told they kill people he said in substance so does America. Under that reasoning why not admire Charles Manson? He had great leadership and unquestioning loyalty? Trump, after all, arguably is a doppelganger for Scientology’s L.Ron Hubbard from looks to actions, especially punishing those who not let him get his way. Manson did dabble in Scientology.


Trump’s firing of FBI Dir. James Comey was clearly predictable and should have been no surprise. It is easy to call it “Nixon-esq” after another megalomaniac who axed Archibald Cox for seeking the truth. And it come after the HBO show Vice reported Mike Fynn wanted to make a deal to spill his guts about Russia for immunity.


Nor should anyone be shocked at Trump’s threat or hint he tape recorded.   All sociopathic cult leaders tape record—Nixon, Jim Jones Charles Dederich (and all got caught on their tapes).


But the firing is more than that.  Comey is well liked.  More so than the tyrant.  And this has throughout history been a dangerous position.  Just go ask Kim-John’s brother and uncle if Un had not murdered them or anyone of Putin’s assonated or royalty potential heirs locked in dungeons..


It is in line with history that any tyrant will dispose of anyone who is a threat. It was the sport of Kings and Queens to do away with rival siblings or threat s to power. And it is not just for the imposition of power, but to eliminate threat to their place in history. Trump has told us that continuously.  He says he is best President ever. He brags over destroying people who get his way. He was quoted in responding to the fact that a Sen. wanted to pass constitutional rights for hearings before private property is taken allegedly used for drug sales by asking for the Sen.’s name so he could ruin his career. That’s exactly just like one of his other idles, Andrew Jackson.


Jackson, Trump declares, would never have allowed a Civil War. But Jackson died 16 years before the Civil War and was a slave owner.  If anything he might have let the South secede. Hae also contributed to the death of Davy Crockett.


Trump assuredly must admire Jackson for being the one who broke treaties and put Indians away on reservations.  Maybe that is Trump’s next plan for minorities.


20 years from now they will be filming “Diary of Anne Frank-Rodriguez.”


How did we get here?


In the 50’s studies of Mao Tse-Tung introduced the phenomena of brainwashing as a societal cure all.  Dr. Edgar Schein in Coercive Persuasion: A socio-psychological analysis of the “brainwashing” of American civilian prisoners by the Chinese Communists wrote a profile of a person who was capable of implementing such a regime—a leader who would initiate programs to liquidate those who are useless, to re-educate those needed in the new society, to purge the unfaithful to reaffirm the faith and to consolidate his power, satisfying the leader’s insecurity demands for unanimity and loyalty; a need to upgrade self to savior and judged favorably by history.


– I have seen this in my study of the last the history of cults in United States. Anyone who became too popular in Synanon was thrown out by Charles Dederich.  When Time Magazine called Synanon a “ kooky cult “when Dederich expected to be named Time Man of the Year he started a “holy war” against his perceived enemies and while he had his followers lobbied for a Nobel Prize he was training to hit squad to attack and murder. The reason for the murders of Congressman Jim Ryan and his entourage in Guyana and the mass suicide at Jonestown was that many of the members chose to leave with Congressman and Jones   Jones knew he would expose truth once free so it was time for everyone to share a cup of  Kool-Aid. When Scientology’s David Miscavige took control on L Ron Hubbard’s death, Hubbard’s wife and a president of Scientology were “retired”– basically never heard from.  Same for his wife.  Maybe she lives with Ivana.  Trump appears to lay claim to being Hubbard’s doppelgänger—from his hair to flair for revenge.


And what did Trump say of Comey last January? “’He’s become more famous than me’..” That’s a bad position for anyone under leadership of a tyrant.


So why has this happened all through history? Why is world always in danger?

Robert Jay Lifton’s Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism wrote, controlling by phrases and emotional peaks, rather than by logic result in a “zealous convert.” Emotional frenzy exists over “poisons.” The opposition has to be expunged.  O as I now say, “Trumped.”

These leaders  divided world  between good and evil.(Remember Bush. Jr.) .  Good is all consistent with ideology and everything else is stamped ou (or Trumped put).  Lifton noted that education, psychology, religion and politics all use coercion, exhortation, therapy and realization.  Ideological Totalism, however, delivers a message you “must become what we are — or else.”

The sharing creates “orgiastic” intimacy with fellow confessors.  The person dissolves into the mass movement (Exactly what Trump claims he wants).   Language is reduced to thought-terminating clichés, like Make America Great.   Complex problems are answered by catch phrases.  It will  be great. When logic confronts, causing uneasiness, the totalist shouts the clichés louder to hide despair and prevent doubt (just look at N. Korea).

. Lifton wrote:   Ideological Totalism may give a sense of transcending …” of entering a sphere of truth, reality, trust, and sincerity beyond imagined.  But these peak experiences are… “ distortion, and threat…a retreat into doctoral … exclusiveness, and into all — or — nothing emotional patterns more characteristic of the child than of the individuated adult.”  Call it “Trumped.”

It leads wrote Lifton, “to mass hatreds, purges of heretics, and to political and religious holy wars.”

Proving theories was a 1974 study by psychologist Stanley Milgram, who sought to explain the Holocaust. Milgram induced volunteers to deliver increasingly heavy electric shocks to other volunteers when they answered questions wrong. In fact they answered wrong intentionally and faked their screams. In reality, the researchers wanted to know how long the volunteers would keep delivering higher dosage shocks. They were convinced that shocks to people who exhibited poor recall of details would improve people’s memories under stress. They believed they were contributing to a greater good.


Two-thirds of those tested categorized as “obedient,” and, when placed with others a willing to administer lethal doses, a stunning 92% went along. And these subjects weren’t feeble or addled; they were drawn from a typical working class pool, including professionals and manager./


In times of turmoil people reach out for alternative solutions. In the 1930s, a lingering World War, and Great Depression stirred greater interest in “isms”—unionism, socialism, communism and Nazism.


I have been seen for years the specter of totalist thinking in everything from self-help books to religious extremism to the over-reaching fiats of our prior two Presidents and and wrote a book on cults in America in 2013nd state that our country could be open to the teachings of such a man, particularly with the aid of the social media. The banners and slogans may be somewhat different, the proponents may seem shockingly mainstream, but in their words I hear the chilling echoes of Adolf, Stalin and Mao.. Who else kept having rallies after they were in office because they love the adoration?

In Montana today American Nazis give the infamous salute to their leader—Donald Trump.


No empire has ever not fallen and we are in that decline—mimicking the Fall of the Roman Empire.


In the traumatic aftermath of 9/11, this country experienced a period of mass panic and fear unmatched in its history. As the twin towers melted away like the wicked witch, a new reality materialized–We were vulnerable to cult fanaticism. To quell that terrible feeling, we were willing to do almost anything, sacrifice almost anything—even our beloved personal liberty. What’s more, our then–President, George W. Bush, said that he was on a mission from God to avenge the dead and as all tyrannical leaders preached the world was “either with us or against us.”


So we looked the other way when government discarded presumption of innocence on suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay or for “aggressive” questioning. As the populace rallied around the flag those who spoke against torture and a war in Iraq built on lies and deception were vilified. Bush had a childhood to adult journey similar to Bin laden—but Jr. murdered more.


Not until the administration exposed an undercover spy because her husband dared to criticize the war in Iraq did the media wake up and take back its mandate to question government actions, leading to what amounted to a mass deprogramming of the American people.   Much of the media this time did its job before hand but this time to no avail. Twitter it turns out is the media.


Too many are overjoyed Trump stated he wants to reinstate water boarding and a lot more. Not enough to pay detention to his contradictions , lies, and the fact that he has the emotional maturity of the 6-year-old (“good – – bad – – great – – fake).


Truth be it America has always loved tyrants—Columbus murdering Indians, Amherst giving blankets with small pox to the Indians. Andrew Jackson ruined Davy Crocket’s congressional career because Davy was against putting Indians on reservations (Davy actually quit “Old Hickory” as Indian’s scout years before because of Jackson’s slaughter of innocent Indians). Crocket responded to Jackson’s success at costing him the next selection by saying back, “Go to Hell, I am going to Texas.” It is time we take on that rhetoric.


So who are you for? Trump’s hero Jackson or Davy Crockett?


Trump is dumber than any prior President and his lies are clearly pathological. He is caught because he has no impulse control or memory of his prior outbursts. One day he says never met Putin, the next day forgetting he describes themselves as practically golf buddies.   He says to hit people who speak against him and continues his rallies ala Hitler and Mussolini.   Everything he has done is great, all he appoints are winners. He even brags no president has got off to a better start then him. What he has done has created an oxy-moron—President Trump. And made “trumped-up” charges against Obama. Recently, in front of nation he cooed over ‘ I am President’ as if it was a reality check


We needed to take one some time ago but didn’t and our crazy system put the election loser in the White House.


Don’t be surprised if Trump starts using civil suits to harm people similar to what Scientology and Synanon did. He has a strong history of this and he actually stated if elected he may try to create laws making it easier to sue someone for exercising free speech.


Today, church’s proselytizing for new members and political parties seek to sway voters are obvious examples of thought reform. So are advertising and marketing, the Internet, massive economic engines that seek to mold our consuming habits in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. How else do you get military to bomb Syria when all you are doing is adding more deaths to the already carnage. Where have you gone Audie Murphy?


Cults I wrote in my book are really a study of society in microcosm. It’s part of our human nature to seek out common cause through groups of peers. But it’s also human nature to over-identify with these causes. In times of social upheaval, a public desperately seeking clarity attaches itself to the appealing messages of fanatics and, in our fervor to create a better world, vilifies doubters as enemies who need to be conquered. Such zeal makes us vulnerable to manipulators.


Unfortunately, I wrote in 2012 the forecast calls for a perfect storm of political and socioeconomic turbulence leading to the formation of dark and threatening cults—with US possibly becoming ripe for a Totalist tyrant.



I concluded part of a charismatic cult leader’s power stems from his presence, his ability to influence with a glowering look, a threatening gesture or a seductive manner. In the virtual world of chat groups, he has only his type-written words. Much depends on how desperate people become for new solutions and instant gratification. The more fragile we become, the more vulnerable we are to the manipulations of a zealot.   But the issue became moot–the media provided the necessary night-after-night Big Brother image of Trump and repeated his every utterance.


We listened as he said he could make a “Great deal.” He could make us great with never really saying how.


America must concentrate on solving the very real, monumental problems we’re facing today and do it with reason. Understand the forces that can shape us and put a stop to the worship of sociopaths. Next time you vote be Davy Crockett—“Make sure you’re right, then go ahead”

Blame the Pharaohs, Emperors, Columbus, Hitler, Stalin, Manson, Dederich, Jones, Hussein, Drug Lords. Putin, Bin Laden, .Isis , etc. Or we can point to ourselves.  When the perfect (global warming storm arrives) mankind sinks just as now as continents may do.  You will discover fossil fuel can’t help you when you are frozen, cooked or underwater.

In my book I said “cults” should be correctly called “movements. And that is the very word Trump used to explain his arise. Too bad in 20012 my book didn’t sell more copies.

The solution lies equally in us. It really is still: We the People.  A young kid has organized a plan for saving ocean from plastic.  Thousand are marching on D.C.  High school kids raised money to stop Trump from destroying the earth. Another group got a school district to declare school grounds a sanctuary for minorities. Scientists have started a foundation to teach scientists how to run for office.

It’s the 60’s again. Our future lies in grass roots movements. List companies using fossil fuels,, poisoning water and do not use their products.  Pick a day of the week  no one boards an airplane,  Vote out Trump supporters.

We can sink or swim.

It starts with teaching in grade schools the history of tyrants and effects of undue influence and emotional hold of movements, whether we call it brainwashing or not.

History not learned is history repeated. We are definitely not well educated.