Suggested Chronology for this cult section

In the last 2 months there has been around 38,500 hits so I assume people interested in different cults are finding my site.

An overview is “Characteristics of Totalists Movements” which almost from inception has been No. 1 on google for “Totalists Movements.”

But if anyone is planning to read it all, to study cults, this is suggested chronology based on my timeline of involvement.

Escape from Cielo Drive
Escape from Nichiren Shoshu and the 13th Century
Escape from Golden State Manor
Escape from the SLA
Read section on Synanon, particularly Escape from Synanon I, II and III and history of Synanon violence
Escape from est, or How I Saved the LAPD
Escape from Jonestown
Escape from American Game Exchange
Escape from Center for Feeling Therapy
Escape from the Unification Church (Moonies)
Escape from Rajneeshpuram
Escape from L. Ron Hubbard Way
Escape from a Seaside Sect
Escape from Christbridge Academy (The Strange Case
of Dr. John Gottuso)
Escape from others
Escape from Tina Rosenberg

The Devil and John Walker