Dean’s Book

Dean Torrence finally wrote his memoirs. “Surf City the Jan and Dean Story.”

About time.

A fun book by Dean Torrence on the amazing career of Jan and Dean and a reminder of the life and good times that existed in the days of Surf City.

Dean made one mistake in the book. He wrote that it was difficult for me to sell my Rolling Stone article on Jan and Dean in 1974 and that Dean had participated in the writing and rewriting of it. Dean confused his role with the movie versus the magazine article. I interviewed Dean for the magazine article but he did not participate in writing it or rewriting it. It was not turned down by magazines. I submitted it alone to Rolling Stone. They flew me to their SF office to celebrate the article. Obviously, without Dean’s input the article would not have been so well accepted, leading to the CBS motion picture.

The movie, on the other hand, we had a lot of difficulty in selling. At one time it seemed like we were turned down everywhere. During the filming, Dean, myself and the director came up with ideas and changes that improved the movie. Dean came up with the most changes, as he was the one who was there when the actual events happened.

Dean knows I am posting this to his reviews on Amazon and he told me to say he agrees with my comments..

For further info how article and movie came into existence see and/or

Thank you Arthur Axelman