Don’t be brainwashed/murdered By Fox TV

Some years ago, I was interviewed for documentary on the issue of whether Fox TV brainwashes. I confirmed that was the result for those who watched only Fox TV, and who do not watch real world news.

But now the Fox station is actually aiding and abetting Corona 19 murdering Americans

Fox Broadcasters actually laugh at those who wear masks, and encourage people to go outside without masks and have “fun, fun. fun until death takes their T-Birds away.”

A case can be considered that all employees of Fox News have conspired to violate the RICO statute by engaging in a criminal conspiracy to cause injury and death. And for profit. Advocating actions that have certainty of causing death is also the crime of conspiracy to murder. I hope someone in the district attorney office, Atty. Gen. office, United States Atty., office reads this, and responds.

Likewise, a case can be made against the reckless people in this country who protested without masks, and without social distancing, which resulted in a spike on cases and deaths. They claimed they were willing to take the risk, but these acts were known to for certain result in the death of others. These people didn’t care of either, as long as they had “fun fun , fun.” .”

I was ashamed for America when it elected Donald Trump. I was further ashamed when the Republic party took no action on his crimes. At 1st, I was proud of the way Americans responded to the virus crisis, But then all the people who lack conscious, and only think of themselves, took over. The problem with the protests was that they lacked leadership. No Martin Luther King, Junior. No one to organize them in a manner that would not spread the virus to the old and infirm,

How many of these, and those that are elected Donald Trump, will recognize their role in these deaths. The answer: None.

They’re not people who think about the welfare of others. They lack that ability.