Just Say No– to Hillary Clinton

Just Say No– to Hillary Clinton
Years ago, before it was popular, on a website I criticized George W Bush Junior, which upset a lot of Republicans. I received an email saying that even though what I said was probably true, why did I risk such alienation. My answer was because it was the truth.

Now I get equal opportunity to upset the Democrats. Having seen how women were treated before the feminist Revolution in the 60s and seen all the gains made over the decades since, I would love in my lifetime to see a woman President. Just not Hillary.


She doesn’t qualify as a feminist role model. When her husband Bill was running around victimizing women while on the campaign trail and in the Oval Office, Hillary really only had 2 choices:

One, just remain silent.

Two, give her husband a choice of changing or the boot.

Instead, she backed him and attacked his victims, accusing them falsely of being liars. She preferred heaping emotional distress rather than correction even though she knew the truth. All that mattered to her was remaining First Lady and her political career. She is the politician in the end that holds this country back. It seems most politicians think the truth is irrelevant.

I hope another qualified female candidate services for the top job. Obviously, she won’t be named Sarah Palin.