Rick Caruso and the virus

On March 17 Rick Caruso sent an email to the Palisades residents from Rick Caruso on March 17 inviting the community to gather in its parks.  Although it asks People use social distancing, I felt this email potentially caused a dangerous situation.

        The next day I telephoned Rick Caruso’s office and informed them of my opinion. I pointed out there was a problem of people in crowds keeping social distance, as shown in the Florida beaches, the Santa Monica stairway, and other places. I pointed out that people go to the parks to see people and will probably mingle with friends. Dogs will not know the rules and pull people together.  I requested that Caruso send out an email rescinding his offer, and suggested he might notify that they’re working on ways for the venders to sell online and he could supply workers to make food deliveries to the elderly.

       I was thanked for my advice and told they would get back to me. They did not.

      2 days later, the state, County and city Executed orders for everyone to stay in. The county and city specifically ordered stay out of parks and playgrounds.  The next day I called again and pointed out  they should send an email saying in light of the government orders and good common sense people should not go to the Caruso community parks.

      Again, I was thanked and told it would be discussed and they would get back to me. I told them if they did not, I would give the story to the Palisades post. They had not gotten back to me.

      I don’t know if the March 17 email caused people to co-mingle in the parks are not. But he does say therein they are keeping a lights on at night so the community can use the parks at night. It might benefit the community if Caruso corrected email that rescinded the invitation for the community to gather in his parks.

      As he has not, despite my two requests all Palisadians  should forward this by email and/or Facebook to everyone else in the community.


Paul Morantz