Trump And Death

1,200,000 have died from global warming the last 3 years.
448 735 deaths worldwide from virus.
There are those who died at the border, and still more who died because of his racial policies. And those he had executed.
Now, to secure his title as the greatest mass murder of all time, Donald Trump invades Tulsa, Oklahoma where pursuant to his policies the State has recently reached its highest spike in Corona – 19 virus cases.
Donald Trump, expects more deaths to be added to his scorecard, but like his tear gas in the crowd and releasing military force on the crowd, for a photo op, Trump to stroke his ego plans to cramp in 20,000 horribles all inside, all rubbing against each other and all screaming and pouring their germs into the air. And surely Donald from will continue his philosophy that real men don’t wear masks.
Those who receive the virus at the rally Oklahoma and infect others
Trump likes people dying for him as do his idols, Putin and Un.
So, vote against Trump and all his enablers. The life you save my be your on.