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  • X AND Y

    X AND Y

    X AND Y By Paul Morantz 1962 I was no longer fifteen, anymore. I was sixteen now, and a real high school kid. To myself, I was a man and it did not seem that I could ever be more mature than I was or any more intelligent. The world kind of seemed opened to me and I was [...]

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    A BLUE COAT By Paul Morantz        John Curtis walked cheerfully down the sidewalk of a busy Beverly Hills Street, noisy and crowded with the bonking of horns from jammed up traffic and battles for parking spaces. John, himself, had been almost hit by a typical Beverly Hills driver while darting across the sidewalk. But nothing could anger him. It [...]

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    THE McKAY WAY By Paul Morantz To the average fan, the John McKay Way of football is quite simple. You begin by recruiting a line that can block anybody, a tailback who is the nation’s best rusher, a fullback who resembles a bulldozer, a quarterback who can scramble like hell, and ends who can catch a ball in a hurricane. Then you hide them. [...]

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  • Anthony Davis Superstar, Are You What They Say You are?

    Anthony Davis Superstar, Are You What They Say You are?

    He is the dot in the I formation

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  • Incident at Lola’s

    Incident at Lola’s

                                             INCIDENT  AT LOLA’S By Paul Morantz 1972 On a late Friday evening in April, David Vinje, a round man with big glasses and a shirt that bulged slightly over his trousers, walked into a San Fernando Valley called Lola’s Place. He nodded to his fellow patrons and sat down at the bar next to his friend Slim Bergman. The two appellee [...]

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