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  • Bye bye Roe v. Wade

    Bye bye Roe v. Wade

    Bye-bye Roe v. Wade – – About Time  A problem with politics is that like a pendulum solutions swing from side to side from one extreme to another in opposition when they need to settle in the middle. Generally, both sides are correct. They just protect different values.  Democrats want to take public money and spend it on programs to help [...]

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  • Wild Bunch

    Wild Bunch

    THE WILD BUNCH By Paul Morantz        When it comes to movies, USC’s head football coach, John McKay, is a real western fan. “Just give me a good old cowboy movie at anytime,” he once said, jokingly, “where they go around shooting Indians and everyone has a good time.”        Then, as if in response, came “The Wild Bunch” [...]

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