Claire Clark’s 2017 Recovery Revolution– the speech Charles Dederich of Synanon she will not tell you

Claire Clark’s Recovery Revolution– the speech Charles Dederich she will not tell you about. Synanon will kill its enemies. More Synanon douments will be posted. Real historians should contact if interested in seeing real /synanon archive and not what Dederich family deposited at UCLA,

Paul Morantz (C) 2017

Here is partial transcriptions ( from my book From Miracle To Madness: The True Story Of Charles Dederich & Synanon):

This day Chuck continued pontificating on what had now become a common theme, one his followers had long become accustomed to, one that for some time had been put into action and would continue for another 13 months. People had to be prepared to go to jail for Synanon as he once had for them. His voice was deep like a bullfrog’s, yet calm and deliberate, as if talking of minor building repairs or needed gardening, broken only occasionally by his own self-appreciating laughter and affirmative responses by members of the Circle that dined at his table.

He spoke of the Ungodly, Synanon enemies and how Synanon would react to all aggression. He spoke of lawyers—the greatest threat—because they have thinking tools. Synanon would not play by their silly rules. Attorneys would play instead by Synanon’s. He said it would be like a fighter “stepping into the ring expecting to follow the Marquis de Queensberry rules and then winds up with a bottle in his face or a chair leg shoved down his throat.”

He said this direction would once again “decimate our population.” People not willing to trust and go along would be squeezed out by the notion. But this was good. Only the best and truly loyal people would remain. He said there were people in Synanon who would be excited by the “sound of cracking bones” and who would want to bring him an “ear in a glass of alcohol.” Synanon would grow stronger. There were those inside and those who will come wanting a new militant religious posture.

“I propose,” he said, his eye twitching, “that we be… in the vanguard of that, because we’ve already tested it out in various small, tiny, minuscule ways by beating up the Dinuba Punks, by beating up the San Francisco Punks, by chasing the Dingbats around with our Hey Rubes and so on.”

“We’re beginning now most ineptly to throw people downstairs in Santa Monica. We won’t be as inept at this in another—another six months.”

“We started quite a while ago with the Imperial Marine deal and—and so on. We’re doing that; we’re taking our best people, putting them into this kind of situation; and it is our intention to do just exactly that…”

“And—and I— I—I think that we—we could, without too much effort, get a reputation that will be all over the United States within one year’s time—Don’t fuck with Synanon. In any way…”

“Don’t go near the nuts on the beach because they’ll beat the shit out of you…”

“I think that is our—is—is—is the New Religious Posture… We’ll see. Maybe I’m right. I think—I think we—I think we will bring that about.”

“We are not going to mess with the—with the old time—turn the other cheek religious posture. We’re going to—our—our religious posture is— ‘Don’t mess with us. You can get KILLED DEAD—PHYSICALLY DEAD’”
“We either—we either have a good thing here or we don’t. If we have a good thing here, then we are not going to permit people, like—greedy lawyers, to destroy it.”

“I’m quite willing to break some lawyer’s legs and then tell him the next time I break your wife’s legs; then I’m going to cut your kid’s arm off; and try me, because this is only a sample…you son of a bitch. Like that. And that’s the end of your lawyer. That’s the end. And all of his friends. You see…”

“It’s a—it’s a very satisfactory, humane way of transmitting information. It’s worked.”

Claire Clark intentionally left out this and much more and altered what people said. More to come Buy Miracle to Madness on Amazon for true story—Not her book