by Paul Morantz   (C) Nov 2017)


Given my background fighting sociopathic destructive cult leaders, probably few have more reasons than me to anguish over every day of Pres. Trump’s occupancy of the White House and the absolute insanity coming from the Republican Party, although much of that comes from fear rather than support as happens in tyrannical regimes.


And no one was banging his head more than me about the possibility Judge Roy Moore filling a congressional seat.  To me, the fact he was ever on the judicial bench is shocking and illustrative of how far the national IQ has sunk.


And of course I don’t watch Fox News. Unfortunately, however, when my TV goes on it automatically goes to CNN. One could argue – – and fact I do argue – – CNN is fighting the good fight. But unfortunately it takes on the very characteristics it argues against. And that often is what happens when a totalistic movement dominates attacks or threatens another. It’s why eventually you couldn’t tell the players apart between Israel and the Arab nations. Or 9/11 results in the invasion of Iraq.


I even heard Bill Maher say, in effect, shouldn’t the Democrats use the same deceptive practices that the Republicans do. But if they do that then why replace the Republicans? The whole point is to bring honesty back to government not to perpetrate continuance of deceit, lying and self-interest.


And while there is no need to exaggerate and overstate– there is enough actual facts out there–CNN continues to be Fox TVs alter ego. All the exaggerations, hyperbole and nitpicking lead any one of intelligence to just doubt the truth it tries to present. Its gives us one-sided panels and claims of interpretation of innocent statements that  result too often in absurdity.


And a few nights ago I heard Chris Cuomo attack a guest who wrote in a book that Judge Roy Moore first took notice of his wife when she was 15 or 16 and then married her 8 years later. Cuomo derided the man for not admitting this was proof that Moore had had an improper attraction to under age women.


My hat goes off to the author who refused, ,despite Cuomo’s harassment and insistence, to make that leap on those bare facts.


I make no comment on the judge’s guilt or innocence, I had not studied the accusations carefully, but I doubt there is a heterosexual man ever that when in his 30s did not look at his 16-year-old and think he would like to meet her in 8 years. I remember overhearing a woman look at my son when he was 7 and say boy when I like to meet him in 15 years. I laughed and then told her she didn’t have to wait and I would take her out next Saturday.


I guess Cuomo must think that Elvis Presley was a pedophile. After all, he did meet Priscilla when she was 14 and took her into his home in Memphis with her father ‘s permission and then married her when she was 18. 

Cuomo also attacked over a statement made many years ago that is hard to define what rape is today. But that statement was actually made in the past when the question was raised properly can man ever assume “no” really means try harder or at what point of intoxication must men never proceed. It sounds simple now but long ago movies would show this behavior as being appropriate .Remember Animal House?   The Pickup Artist? The line is still being refined for men—and for women, too.    Evolving through generations is when a pickup line becomes intrusive or bad taste.  In one sense, man has been struggling to meet evolving standards by women since the 60s when probably more women spoke out at any other time for equality and “hands off.”  Those women were  right and men knew it but had to struggle adapting.. If we go back to the 19th century women were to be seen and not heard. In early 20th century some still had to leave the room while the men discuss politics. And we all know history of business opportunities prohibited to women. The woman’s movement in the 60s was overdue, but it would still take some decades for the man to adjust on how they were supposed to act given that their observation of their parents in the 50s revealed mothers subservient to fathers. That’s the way it was shown also in all those 50s family TV series.


Next came sexual harassment at the workplace which also had to be addressed, but went so far that if a man was rejected in asking out a coworker he might risk a lawsuit if he asked a 2nd time.  Did she say she was busy because she was and would like him to ask her out again or because she doesn’t want to go out with the person. Now it might not be a gamble to take. Yet statistics at the time showed that in 66 percent of all marriages the couples met at the workplace.


And now Hollywood is adjusting and why it took so long is in actuality understandable. The Casting Couch has been a Hollywood institution since that day Hollywood formed and has never been a secret.  Historically a great many women in earlier days who tried to be actresses knew what the price was going in and were willing to pay it. I was shocked when I read Natalie Wood’s biography. And many womanizers became producers really for that reason. Same with some politicians.  In late 1930s it is told that some young men rented a studio and then placed an ad that they were casting for female roles in Gone With The Wind. Each took turns with the next want-a-be. Does anyone remember the joke – – what’s the definition of a sociopath? Answer: A Hollywood producer (with apologies to Steve Spielberg– it was a joke made long before Jaws).


But again the pendulum swings. Coumo further lays an egg when he says that there is either guilt or there is not, and it is not possible that 2 people might not see the same experience the same way. Was Al really groping in that photograph or was he making a bad jokingly gesture that might have got a laugh in his SNL days.? Sometimes experience or even conversations are taken differently by the participants and sometimes it is a very close case of whether or not permission was granted, or when a man or a woman should abstain by realizing the other had too much to drink. Oddly, when women seduce a man was too drunk, no one ever things of calling it rape.  No one complains when groupies group Hollywood stars.


 Cuomo insist in all cases one side is lying. Did Koby Bryant and/or that boxer really rape those women, or did the women regret they surrendered so easily and then concluded they were forced?.  Should a boss every approach a worker?   But wasn’t that the story line for Flashdance? Today it would be questioned.  And just by their power position it can be said one should not have tried to seduce the other alone within 5 minutes of meeting. But Cuomo is ridiculous when he says in every situation one side is lying. There are just so many situations in life. There are times its rape and are times when the claimed victim is making it up for blackmail, publicity or revenge. Was not that the point of Gone Girl? Body Heat? Dream Lover? That Demi Moore – Michael Douglas movie?


A few years ago Newsweek did a story that shockingly revealed approximately 40% of women in college had been date raped by being slipped a drug.   This was an overwhelming statistic in my mind. But reading on the article said the male predators made up only 3% of the male students. In other words, they were sociopaths and serial rapists. Unfortunately sociopaths have a shared quality to come across as innocent and virtuous (Bill Crosby).


I remember telling my son all this needs to come out but that the pendulum always swings too far. History is full of false charges bines and/or true charges causing a false charge epidemic.  And in this arena it seems the accused is always presumed guilty.  Sure enough, Newsweek followed with  an article on wide spread false rape claims ruining college careers of young men,


 The fact is sociopathic men are capable of and do rape. Sociopathic women are capable of and do falsely accuse men of rape. And while some conduct is clearly outrageous, like asking a women to take off her clothes while you masturbate, in between there is everything from g a stupid joke to real bad behavior?  And the definition of the latter changes as the women make their feelings known.


By example, Sean Connery’s James Bond in the 1960s was a male predator who would have sex with the woman he knew he was going to hand over to the authorities just for the fun of it. Compare the evolving Bond character decades later as portrayed by Daniel Craig who falls in love several times. As Bob Dylan said – – that times are a changing.



The McMartin case– the false accusations in the 80s that a preschool was sexually molesting children as part of devil worship – – led to a large amount of children repeating the same story across the nation and to similar claims against preschools across the nation and then came the trial discovery that a therapist had manipulated the children testimony with dolls and in effect trained the children what to believe. History is always forgotten too soon.


As a public defender I had several cases where woman purposely falsely accused of rape as a means of revenge.  And I also saw cases where the rape was brutal beyond imagination. I wish there was something more full proof than the legal system to produce the truth in each case. Certainly the evidence in Weinstein is rather overwhelming, as with Crosby, but I have also heard claims I would treat with caution. Because as with what happened with McMartin, there is sort of a Salem Massachusetts syndrome always ready to rise when scandals like this occur.


I know that Judge Moore is not fit for Congress. I do know that the fact he 1st looked at his wife of 8 years later when she was 15 or 16 is not proof of guilt. I know also that 2 people can have an encounter and later see the consent issue differently particularly if they were drunk. As stated, even Newsweek after a story on date rape a month later published the other side of that story and that also a great college problem was also the false accusation of rape and how students are expelled by colleges immediately for their fear of liability and that many career has been ruined.  Does anyone remember that story of the national championship Ivy League team that was accused of group rape and there were arrests and it became a national story until finally the girl confessed it wasn’t true? She had been found passed out drunk and made up the story to explain the circumstances she was found in.


But as to this gripping tale of Hollywood, it is great some women have finally come forward.  I know from my days as a lawyer that women in that profession fear if they open their mouths they will never work again. Look what happened to Cliff Robertson when he revealed a Hollywood producer was stealing money regularly from his production companies bank accounts. The industry backed the producer because he produced moneymakers and blackballed Robertson. Tippie Hedren (Birds, Marne) was the biggest star in Hollywood since Grace Kelley but strangely never made another movie. In those days you signed long-term contracts to get 1st movie role, and she later claimed she never worked again because Alfred Hitchcock refused to loan her out or cast her until she paid him back for her career with sex. I’m sorry Hitchcock wasn’t around to tell his side of it, but if you ever saw those movies it is very strange she didn’t work again.


So this disclosure is all good. And Judge Roy Moore is not fit to be Congress. He wasn’t fit to be on the bench. He was probably only fit sadly for Alabama. But none of this is excuse for someone to take every word possible out of every speech to continually attack those may really need to be attacked. There are no facts that we  need that ring of McArthyism..


CNN was awful once again. It’s like a two-way mirror – – On one side is Fox TV and the other is CNN..  I’m trying to fix it so when my TV on comes John Oliver.