The Cult of Trump: The Rise Of Damien; Omen 5

The Cult of Trump: The Rise Of Damien; Omen 5

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Bart Kavanaugh solidifies it for me. Fire, coal and Brimstone. Trump is Damien and we are watching Omen 5. Instead of seeing Trump with those Black and Brown devil dogs he is with Bart, Giuliani and a pack of dark Republicans and a hardcore of followers willing to serve at all cost. How else do you explain Trump praising Dr. Ford one day and tearing her to pieces like a mad black and brown dog the next. How can he support mistreating women when caught on tape fondly remembering fondling and groping women he just met? According to Trump he always had them at hello.

Most of all, how else can you explain his mass murders and destruction of world by aiding
Global warming? Or his kinship with murders: Vladmir Putin, King Un and Andrew Jackson.

Did he long ago make a deal with Nick Jagger: For a song giving Trump some sympathy did Trump decree Jagger dance forever?

Is there any other way to explain Florence traveling over 100 miles per hour across the ocean and slowing to two miles over the South.? Did he secretly want the South Gone With The Wind?

His obsession with coal: Does it remind him of his childhood watching “Hell’s A Poppin” over and over again.

Hilary Clinton better be careful crossing streets and she must not go near trucks full of plate glass. If Trump finally completes his Clinton and Obama fantasies will he just simply say? “The Devil made me do it.”

Who else but Damien could separate children from parents, release ICE and destroy our health care system and constantly lie like a lawyer? The Devil’s greatest trick was to make people believe he does not exist.

The world is now his nferno. Dante is rolling over in his grave; snow dripping,
ice melting, coastlines sinking, Arizona and Calif ornia a blaze, people drowning and burning.
He tells you he is Robin Hood, but his tax plan is to steal from poor and give to the rich.

His sexual fantasies could be said to be summed up in one word—evil.

We are not supposed to threaten presidents, but he threatens people all the time. Worse, Trump carries them out. Let’s just say I had a dream. Oswald was cloned. Can’t of course give him back that rifle, nor discuss his magic shot, nor hand out those Godly knives used in Damien.

But holy water might do the trick. His last words: “I’m melting.”

Of course you are. It is called global warming.

(my apologies; this was not intended to suggest Trump’s mother was a donkey—just that Trump is a donkey’s ass.)

Paul Morantz