The Trump Machine? Bots Being Built to Negotiate for You By Lying; Claire Clark and Universities of Kentucky and Columbia.

The Trump Machine? Bots Being Built to Negotiate for You By Lying ; Claire Clark and Universities of Kentucky and Columbia.

Claire Clark

by Paul Morantz (C)2017
Facebook AI is building a machine that will fake being human and then negotiate the deal for you training it to lie without conscious. Newsweek report of the FAIR plot not only raised ethical questions but acknowledge comparison to Trump’s Art of the Big Deal. Meanwhile the Russians are working on a software that can tell when you are lying. We are going James Cameron way.

It’s hard to say when the decline started. It’s easier to say when it started in United States. I would say key moment was in the year 2003 with President Bush sought world power by mass murdering people in Iraq, selling it to the public with a lie. While everyone celebrated waving American flags It would lead to ISIS, more disruption and rise of world tyranny never seen since the 1930’s. But we were on this way, however, by at least the 90s where you could not tell the difference between a porno movie and what you were watching in a television series. For further titillation, our President does an intern and then lies about it. Of course, politicians have always lied, but it became then much more accented and acceptable to people. Everyone wanted to be the Godfather and say, “its only business.”

Personally, I blame Jerry Springer and Howard Stern for their combined efforts to lower the prurient interest and IQ of people watching and listening. They made being stupid an icon. But there not even in the same park of some of their today TV and radio ancestors. Is there any more proof of “Idiocracy” then Ales Jones?

In Reality TV we watch what appears to be film clips from the movie “Idiocracy.” For those who have not seen it an Average Man wakes up in future where everyone is stupid due to decades of low IQ people having litters where as high IQ people have none to one, maybe two. Possible–Who knows? But did you see the Southerner in prior Last Week’s Tonight show who told a black man to his face, “Do you know how hard my poor family back then had to work to afford to buy a slave?”

So for those who don’t know it, here’s how the Roman Empire fell. Initially the Coliseum was for sport. Then they got the idea of gladiators fighting. Better yet was the idea that they fight to the death. Each new Emperor wanted to outdo his predecessor’s gore. Rather than fights it became putting on a show of horrible ways to kill. Many were fed to lions and others were tied to 4 horses made to run in different directions. They put the skin of a donkey in heat on a woman and brought out a male donkey. Sort of like an ISIS holiday. Romans were so turned on they started having sex in the audience while people were torn apart –like watching Vice night after night.. At home slaves did the work. The values of Rome were destroyed and its armies withered. The Barbarians then stormed and conquered.

From the 90s on reality TV said your role models should be a moron (sorry, Mr. Pres.– you may now be the dictionary definition of that word). Bad people became the heroes of movies getting away with crimes. It became not only “Idiocracy” but “Dumb and Dumber.” And no one cared. The media showed the true Trump, but in the end the entertainer wins even if he likes to grab crotch as did an earlier President does an intern. Will Harvey Weinstein be the next President?

And just recently a book. Recovery Addiction, appeared with University of Kentucky blessings knowingly falsifying Synanon—-possibly the first terrorist group with a hit squad American raised–history by Claire Clark and published by University of Columbia who “claim” the first drug rehab Synanon changed because it needed to deal with its enemies (They hospitalized over 100 people and attempted 3 murders of which I was one). Talk about “Idiocracy.” It was originally a dissertation so U. of Kentucky appears to have approved lying by fact and omission. So now the educational system supports violence and fake history. We have to question now for how long has this been true.

Hitler said “History is decided by who wins.” Is there no end?

Ironically, at same time in 2017 an AA report was published on line stating what damage fake histories of Synanon have to done to AA and rehabs, turning them into cults. And a book– Synanon Kid –tells of the horrors a child saw and endured when kidnapped and taken their at age 5. By her mother who then deposited her at the “Hatchery.” This building is where they kept parents from children can be seen by googling “Ghosts of Synanon. ” It’s like seeing photos of Auschwitz sans ovens.

Never before in history do we have politicians and people as crazy as we have now. Did you see the Vice interview with the Senator from Arizona? He is crazier than Trump. So are we ever going to turn it around? Once in decline no Empire has ever survived. Giving gerrymandering and the possibility of ‘Idiiocracy” affect, it is not going to happen from government. The only modern turn arounds have been by dictators that kill critics.

Those with a few brain cell still working need to participate in grass movements.

The start should be just say no to Facebook and the Trump machines. Protest against machines that on telephone sound human and then humanly lie. Facebook is easy to send a message. As John Oliver said, a line is drawn “somewhere.” It is time to stamp out lying.

Given cold calls you might have already conversed with one and didn’t know. Protest against Facebook and all manufactures of same and don’t do business with any company or person who uses them.

Maybe this should be last message ever on Facebook.

If you are a psychology major at Univ. of Kentucky or University of Columbia consider transferring. To Harvard—they know about Synanon even though it was related to their own past professor Abraham Maslow and his failed Human Potential Movement Maslow denounced it before he died.

We need to denounce lying. We have not done it since Nixon.