By Paul Morantz copyright Nov. 2015
Those who have lived a little while remember those days when big corporations and businesses and the model that the customer was always right and policies of public service were prority. Those who have been on this planet for a shorter time must marvel at the stories that once upon a time big business actually cared about the customer.

For the 2nd time in 3 years, Citibank has been cited by regulators for practices relating to money laundering and possibly accounts supporting terrorism. This time they were fined a 140 million dollars. At a result, they shutt down several alleged offending banks.

When Nancy Reagan in the 80s made her “just say no” to drugs speech, the best backing of her position was when you purchased drugs you supported the destruction of someone’s life and/or a murder of another. Arguably the same can be said about aiding money laundering of drugs and/or funding terrorists. Is that really how you want your dollars to support when you open your accounts?
I don’t know about you but I’m tired of reading about all the corporate conglomerate’s giving these huge salaries to their CEOs while they commit outrageous crimes for which they seem not to be punished, examples being the Auto, environment, oil industry , Wall Street, etc.

It’s time to take the country back. They keep doing it because we have short memories and don’t care. I’m going into the next few months discussing how many industries take advantage of people to highlight companies that we should just not do business with. Their crimes were such that they no longer have the right to exist. If these companies knew that type of public reaction could occur then finally many might stop doing it. It certainly appears the government’s not doing something. So it’s up to you.

All you have to do is take out a pad and pen. Make a list of every company that does something outrageous. Write it down. Then promise you won’t do business with that company again. Imagine the power we would have if everyone did this.
Imagine the party who could have has Citibank sunk into the swamp.

It doesn’t and there for them. How many of you have the program Quicken and use it for your taxes. By adding a category next to each expense at the end of the year it will add up your expenses by category and your taxes are done with the push of a button. The trick is with all the online transfers, automatic payments, credit cards, it is very time-consuming to have to manually assert each transaction in Quicken. Banks have come to the rescue by having a system which allows its online banking information to be downloaded into Quicken.

I checked, the major banks in Pacific Palisades have it. Citibank had it. It was a rpromise that nduced me to use their Banks services for which I maintain considerable money in their accounts. Last July, they ended the service without explanation and at least as to me without warning. Maybe they had to cut costs because they were getting fined for activities relating to money laundering regulations? I don’t know. But the other banks I called all still providing the download to Quicken service to their customers.
So if you’re a Citibank customer and you rely on Quicken for your taxes, you have to move to another bank. And to those who are not, don’t take my word on it, do your own investigation, ask your own questions and then decide if you want to support banks that would use our money to support profits in the fashion alleged.