NUKE  NEWPORT?

By Paul Morantz

(C) April 2020

   So if someone with HIV was going to try to rape me I would have the right to execute the person. Right?   

  So how far can we take the concept of self-defense?  Can one fight off Republicans to prevent dying from global warming?  I thought if we were going to have another civil war, this was going to be the issue.

  But now it appears it might be the right to make money v. the right to live. The Young v. the old.

  I wasn’t surprised when the beaches filed in Florida.  What do you expect of Rednecks and idiocrasy?

   But the Wealthy in Newport?  It appears they don’t care how many more get affected and/or die because they want a sun tan.  Girls just want to have fun. Musclebound young men might not be  kicking sand on Senior citizens, but they are doing worse.  And then there was those in Los Angeles who likewise took sand over sense and drove to Ventura.

   Newport is Lucky. Today, California Gov. closed its beaches.  A wise man.  So we don’t have to nuke Newport in self-defense.

  As to those narcissistic sun lovers who ended up catching the virus on the Newport Beach last weekend,   a good suggestion would be to follow our President ‘s  advice  and inject a good dosage of disinfection juice.