Rise and Fall of Synanon

  • Escape from Rajneeshpuram

    Escape from Rajneeshpuram

    If you read just one story, this is the one-- the forgotten bioterroist attack long before 9/11 from the Rajneesh, history of bioterrorism in America and villains transformed to legends. Learn also history of LearJet.

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  • Escape From Jonestown

    Escape From Jonestown

    The story of my snake attack fell to page 2 six weeks later when hell broke loose in the jungle in Guyana

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  • FALL OF SYNANON II (Garfield-Robson blunder)

    FALL OF SYNANON II (Garfield-Robson blunder)

    Dedicated to Bob Fremlin and Chris Brown-- the story of the Garfield-Robson blunder that led to discovery of Synanon memos directing terrorism

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  • The Agony and the Ecstacy

    The Agony and the Ecstacy

    The biography of Paul Morantz mixed with the history of USC football.

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