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Repository: Synanon Papers
Creator: Morantz, Paul

Related: UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library. Peoples Temple: Peoples Temple Records, MA 3800, California Historical Society. Synanon Foundation records,

ca. 1956-1987 (Collection 0342). UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library.

Synanon is the cult time has forgot. An amazing piece of history it was a story like Lord of the flies or1984 that if studied revealed much of human nature and stood as a warning to the danger of blind allegiance to social movements and how easy morality is swapped. Unfortunately few lessons were learned and as the world turned it has come a forgotten footnote any numbers that becomes more fanatic, violent and terroristic seemingly every year.

Synanon still remains unique in that it started in a different direction, and most came wanting to build to Utopia. Many saw Chuck Dederich, as the Savior, while others warned there was a double inside. Was he always a sociopath, or perhaps a Jedi Knight seduced by the dark side?

What is important here today all these years later after Synanon closed in 1991 the truth is now available for any historian or journalists to see. I apologize this has not happened sooner. My holding on aided a deception by UCLA Archives.

In the 1970s, Synanon began its own archives headed by Steve Simon. But attorney Howard Garfield directed that its memos concerning its violent encounters he gathered up and hidden in the law office under the guise of the attorney-client privilege so that they could not be used against them. Needless to say, these documents were never turned over to UCLA. I advised UCLA of their existence in December 2014. When Dederich was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder Synanon installed a massive project, also headed by archivist Steve Simon– to destroy tape recordings of speeches advocating or discussing violence and to erase reference from the computer inventory. They were caught, and after a hearing, Synanon was found to have done these acts with the petition of its legal Department. As this was a fraud upon the court, the punishment was dismissal of Synanon’s lawsuit against the United States aimed at reinstating their tax free status. The IRS took the position that one cannot commit acts of terrorism and not pay taxes. But as destroying evidence related to their terrorism, the Synanon hierarchy doomed the organization. The back taxes totaled 55,000,000, approximately 20,000,000 more than Synanon had. The doors closed in 1991. For his part, Simon –the archivist –went to jail.

Synanon then took its early archives of this early days as a drug hrehab to UCLA and set up the archives there. It led to one inaccurate book, The Rise and Fall of Synanon. by Prof. Rod Janzen who turned down an offer to see the documents in order to intentionally not know his book was wrong. To correct his wrong history I worked off and on for over a decade to write from the Synanon records never given to UCLA From Miracle to Madness: the true story of Charles Dederich and Synanon. The documents were also a key to my chapter on Synanon in my memoirs, Escape: My lifelong War Against Cults.

In December 2014 both U.S.C. and UCLA wanted these records. So UCLA has been aware it provides a false history and some oral histories that are far from candid, and could be called outright concealment. Initially these files were turned over to U.S.C. who did a lot of work on the inventory but a new hire would not remove attorney-client communications and some private matters from other cases and advised he would not open the archive to the public rather than remove certain documents as original USC archivist had promised. It was a strange decision given the amount of work USC did. I took the documents back and finished the archiving. Eventually I will try to find a permanent home for them, but now for the 1st time since Synanon closed in 1991 the true documents are available for public inspection by appointment.

Did Synanon members see comparisons to Nazis when they shaved heads, medically ended child birth, swaped partners, harmed critics, attempted murder? The answer is clearly no. Many, in fact remain in denial today, but Synanon’s documents tell a truth that can’t be denied. An unfortunate truth that is never ending, that grows in capabilities through social media connections and world frustration creating far greater dangerous groups than Synanon ever achieved.

It should be remembered most who came to Synanon wanted help or to give help; had dreams of Utopia. So how did it become a community believing ends justified terrorism. The answer is in their record. But not the one’s at UCLA.

The study of Synanon is a microism for what happens in larger nations. It may have warnings for this nation’s direction where a lost middle class seeks hope in another arguable megalomaniac.

The highlights are:
1. Every magazine article and newspaper story concerning Synanon during its existence.
2. Its logs on Cpl. punishment of children.
3. Its incident reports on its violent encounters. In cults, when loyalty is tested, people compete to prove loyalty. The memos are shocking in the joy and excitement of revealing what role each member had and willingness to commit physical harm. The documents tell who did what and who knew. It would surprise UCLA because they have oral histories from some of these people on the good of Synanon, not knowing the actions they participated in.
4. The complete preliminary hearing transcript
5. The LAPD records.
6. The United States Department of Justice motions and exhibits that led to the closing of Synanon
7. The October 5, 1977 Synanon Health Department press conference.
8. Many game tapes.
9. Synanon transcripts such as act as if, 10 years over, Charles Dederich on child-rearing, childhood unmasked, etc.
10. Depositions, witness statements and my subject and name evidence indexed notebooks
11. Digital copies of memos concerning attacking enemies.
Recommended are the following:

ABC Dederich 13 Vol. Deposition Summaries Notebook Banker Boz 1A

Summaries of Think Table Summaries Notebook

Summaries of Testimony in Preliminary Hraring Notebook

Summaries of depositiom testimony noteboks

Witness statements notebooks alphabetical order.
Subject index notebooks alphabetical order. Located in rear
Person index (evidence as to each person) notebooks alphabetically order. Container
Newspapers in notebooks 1958-1991 chronological order. Also 1978 photocopies Feb-Dec.
Memos on tape recorings and evidence notebooks (see end of archives for key memos)

Also recommended is U.S. DOJ file and exhibts. Eidson Request for Admissions and

Hot Doc. Files
Hot Doc. File which contain most revealing document. Also files on treatment of children

Steve Simon Dissertation Summary (admits danger of brainwashing)


Depositions and Summaries , 1977-1982 Depositions and Summaries
Robert Sam Anson, Oliver Jay Arne, Flossie Kazalen

Babb, Nora Bauman, David Richard Benjamin, Jeanine

Box 18

M. Blessing, Philip C. Bourdette, Robert F. Bowman, Lee C. Bradford, Ronald Victor Cook, F. Carpenter

Depositions and Summaries
Katherine Coons, John Cox

Box 19

Depositions and Summaries
Mariam Crawford, Eugene Dear, Deborah Dederich, Charles E. Dedrich

Box 20

Depositions and Summaries
Charles E. Dederich

Box 21-22

Depositions and Summaries
Robert Lee Denton, Lou Delgado, Arthur H. Disterheft, Ronald D. Eidson

Box 23

Depositions and Summaries
Ronald E. Eidson, Norma Jean Fisher, Michael L. Flynn, Roberto Frederico

Box 24

Depositions and Summaries
Roberto Frederico, Alvin Gambonini, Howard M. Garfield, Daniel J. Garrett

Box 25
Box 108 Folder 3: Synanon advertisement for movie, Press book, Photographs for Synanon movie , Synanon movie idea, Synanon movie poster, Colombia picture advertisement for movie

Depositions and Summaries
Daniel J. Garrett, Dan L. Garrett, Michael Garrett

Box 26

Depositions and Summaries
David Robert Gilmour, Shirley E. Goldstein, Irving Goldworm, Jerome Goodell, Donald Growe, Growe eyedoctor

Box 27

Caroline Gutierrez, Christopher Haberman, James Hall

Depositions and Summaries
Sandra K. Hall, Peter Hyman

Box 29

Depositions and Summaries
Donald R. Keir, Martha Kirchoff, Bernard Kolb

Box 30

Depositions and Summaries
Bernard Kolb, Martin Koveks, Robert Kohl, Clarence Matlack, Joseph Martinez

Box 31

Depositions and Summaries
Naomi McFarlin, Thomas McGuiness, Jack F. Miller, Benjamin M., David V. Mitchell, Paul Morantz

Box 32

Depositions and Summaries
Paul Morantz, Rodney Mullen

Box 33

Depositions and Summaries
Rodney Mullen

Box 34

Depositions and Summaries
Rodney Gordon Mullen, Jay Myers, James Henry O’Donnell

Box 35

Depositions and Summaries
Benjamin Parks, Melvin A. Plew, Bobby Randall, Bernard L. Reed, Christopher Reynolds

Box 36

David Ross, Laura Salant, Terry G. Schauer, Del Schulz, Michael Shapiro, Lowell Sigmund

Depositions and Summaries
Steven Simon

Box 38

Depositions and Summaries
Steven Simon, Gary Smith, Daniel Sorkin, James Starr, Andrew Weill, Joyce Wernick

Box 39

Depositions and Summaries
Frances Winn, Lynn Worrell

Box 40

Depositions and Summaries
Summary of Synanon Documents: 1977 October 26, Synanon Summaries: 1978, Summary Charles Dederich: 1980, Summaries of Deposition: 1979-1982

Box 41

Depositions and Summaries
Deposition Summaries: 1979-1980, Ronald Eidson, et al Lawsuit Complaints: 1981, Ronald Eidson Lawsuit, et al Correspondence, Ronald Eidson et al Lawsuit Miscellaneous, Ronald Eidson et al Lawsuit Motion Re: Deposition: 1980, Ronald Eidson et al Lawsuit Motion Re Interrogatorees: 1982

Box 42

American Broadcasting Companies, Lawsuit, 1978-1980

Charles Diedrich depositions taken by ABC
Audio Tape Cassettes
Two audio tape cassettes: 1) KNXT Ch. 2, 6 & 11 pm
News, Section #2, Item #T26e, 1978 October 11 (copy)

2) Don Blackburn’s “Synanon” Series, National Broadcasting Co., 1979 (copy)

Box 15 Folder 1-7
Box 16 Folder 1-4
Box x

Bernstein, Stuart A., Civil Action, 1980 Box 16 Folder 5-6

Eidson, Ronald, Lawsuit, 1972-1983

43:8 Directors Book & Procedures
43:9 Directors Book & Procedures
43:10 Directors Book & Procedures
43:11 Deposition of Charles Dederrich taken in Eidson by Morantz
& Declaration of Jeffery Eidson
& Sherriff Report & Index Request for admission

44:1 Synanon Emergency Procedures
44:2 Exhibit to statement of relevancy: The evidence against Synanon beating Eidson. Including Robson tape recorded phone call transcripts, Synanon Memos, Dederich deposition testimony
44:3 Exhibit to statement of relevancy: The evidence against Synanon beating Eidson INCLUDING: harassment of Barney Reed, transcript of Michael Franklin, Deposition of Kolb
44:4 October 5, 1977 Synanon Press Conference Health Department
44:6 Phil Ritter letter/ Transcript: New Religious Posture. Chris Haberman. Phone recordings Robson. Wendel Stamps diary. Transcript ABC annual Meeting
44:7 Removed from Box: “Name Index”

45:1 Removed from Box: “Name Index” Box
45:2 Removed from Box: “Name Index”
45:3 Exhibit to statement of relevancy: The evidence against Synanon beating Eidson INCLUDING: “The Tunnel Back”
45:4 Exhibit to statement of relevancy: The evidence against Synanon beating Eidson
45:5 Exhibit to statement of relevancy: The evidence against Synanon beating Eidson INCLUDING exhibit

t 53: Wire Logs: New Religious Posture. Exhibit c: 1979 Articles

Box 83 Folder 14-15 ?
Box 107 Folder 22

Box 44 Folder 7
Box 45 Folder 1-2

Exhibits and Individuals, 1975-1980
Scope and Contents
Synanon documents filed for the court to explain Synanon’s operations and its turn to violence.

Box 42 Folder 3-7 ?
Box 43 Folder 1-11
Box 83 Folder 14-15
Box 107 Folder 22

Box 44 Folder 7
Box 45 Folder 1-2

/Box 44

Exhibits, 1975-1981

46:1 TV broadcasst, summaries of TV broadcast 1978-1979, interview George Shank and Steve Mitchell, evidence admitted against Kenton, a list of Synanon people, a list of Synanon tape recordings
46:2 Newspaper articles 75-77
46:3 Summary of Newspaper stories, newspaper stories from Jan 79-Feb 21st ,79
46:4 Feb 22nd ,79- Aug 23rd, 79 Newspaper articles
46:5 Magazine and Newspaper 1976-1979 Box 45
Box 46 Folder 3-5
Folder 1-5
47:1-4 Broadcasts relating to Synanon 1978,79

47:5 Transcript time for “Battle Cry” CED tape transcript, NBC, Synanon responds to media
Box 47 Folder 1-5
EIDSON, statement of case re relevance and discovery appendix with the exhibits elsewhere Tells compplete story of Synanon violence

48:1 Exhibits 1-41, includes Chuck Dederich talks about Synanon Home Place, The more fully conscious community
The business of wing Oct 25, 75
Motorcycle riding. A Home Place policy Oct 21, 75!!
Synanon taking the Royal family on tour Oct 22, 75!
The Hobby Lobby Feb 1976
Exhibit SSSS, documents concerning violence, imperial marines, Betty Dederich, Kathy Coons etc.
Exhibit BBBB, Gerald Newmark, Nov 14, 77 letter to Dederich
Exhibit CCCC, Letter from Dan Garrett to Newmark “FUCK YOU”
48:2 Exhibit JJJJ-TTTT, various security procedures, tape recording, phone calls, 1976 Synanon family report, The Home Place health press conference, Exhibit PPPP: Letter from Dederich to Presd. Carter, Exhibit QQQQ: Graduate question transcript, Exhibit RRRR: Childbirth unmasked
48:3 B-E: Dederich employment consulting agreement, declaration of Garfield on Synanon religion, Chuck talks about Hope Place
48:4 Transcript of NBC interview with CED and Garrett RE Time magazine
Exhibit G: Connie Chung transcript with Dederich, Chuck Dederich gun permit.
Exhibit P: CED Transcript “Time for a battle cry” Dec 23, 77
Exhibit Q: Transcript of tape recording of Sorkin and Dederich, other imperial marine and security memos.
48:5 AA-WW: Imperial Marine and security memos
Exhibit JJ: Minutes giving Dederich hundreds of thousand dollars
Exhibit KK: Minutes handing out bonuses
Exhibit LL: Certificate granting various stock shares for Synanon people
Exhibit MM: Efforts to get gum permit Visalia, Executive committee May 12, 78–Chuck Dederich resigns
Exhibit QQ: Going out to find Michael Chavex
Exhibit RR: Threats on Dederich
Exhibit SS: Harding incident
48: 5A Matlock, Deeds intrerview
48:6 AAA-GGG: The memos concerning security and violence, Newmark letter and Garrett responds “FUCK YOU”
Phil Richard letter. FFF: New religion poster transcript, Robson and EIDSON telephone recording
Chris Haberman wire talk on Gilmour re EIDSON brief
LLL Matlack incident
48:7 IIII-OOOO: Garfield letter not to let people know they are being tape recorded, 76 family report, Oct 77 Home health press conference
48:8 Dederich letter to president Carter, Synanon promotion on its national guard distribution network, warehouse, How you can help someone in trouble, get help from Synanon.
The Graduate question, childbirth unmasked, The Synanon game, A Thesis presented by Steve Simon, articles and memorandums by Steve Simon and articles on security on national guard
Moved here from the box 114 folder 9, Doctor Hacker letter re EIDSON

Box 48 Folder 1-8
49:1 Garfield transcript “OWL Watch”, CED on Morantz 7/28/77
Synanon lawyers 7/28/77, Lance proposal on marines, 1977 board minutes, think table summaries. ABC bill for copying
49:2 ABC production of letters concerning violent incidents, letter from Miriam Crawford corporal punishment on “decks” decking children, other letters on corporal punishment
49:3 Letters concerning violence and weapons, committee meeting Jul 18, 77, board minutes Apr 1,1978, Tom Cardenau beating, public safety logs, memos on violence
49:4 Memos on national guard, Syndo Matlack import, Chris Reynolds on Danny Harrsion, memo re Jim Hall, Incident at Barneys, conversation with David Gilmour
49:5-7 removed
49:8 Removed and added to Box 27
49:9 removed Box 49 Folder 1-8
Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1964-1985 Box 49 Folder 9
Files, 1972-2006
Further Response of Defendants to Request for Admissions etc. + Interrogatories from Plaintiffs to Defendants Sets 3, 1982, Eidson Box 52 Folder 1
Interview with Robert Jay Lifton, Transcript Garfield on Owl watch on WINN case 1975-77, Morantz letter on Petris bill, Letter to governor Brown, summary of Petris relationship with Synanon, Article beyond the law by Jonathan Kirsch, Petris Bill taking away attorney general power over churches Box 52 Folder 2
Synanon Interrogatory, Paul Morantz Box 52 Folder 3
Synanon Interrogatory, Paul Morantz Box 52 Folder 4
Interview with Gambonnini, date by date outline of the events, deposition of shhan ? and a testimony of Marvin Engguist Box 52 Folder 5
Delgado article on brainwashing Box 52 Folder 6
Statement of Case + Morantz Declaration, 1982 Box 50 Folder 50:1
Visalia Transcripts, 1978, transcripts of search warrant, Box 50 Folder 50:2
Documents produced by Steve Simon, 1977-1979
Box 50 Folder 50:3
Declaration of Steven I. simon in opposition to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss, 1978-1979 Box 50 Folder 50:4
Request of missing documents1973-1979 Box 50 Folder 50:5
Post Case Media, 1995-1998 ? Box 50 Folder 50:6
Requests for Admissions and Interrogatories Propounded by Plaintiff to Defendants, 1982. Has Hot documents Box 50 Folder 50:7
Objections of Defendants to Request for Admissions and Interrogatories Propounded by Plaintiffs to Defendants , 1982 Box 50 Folder 50:8
Memorandum of tape contents, transcript 10-6-77 think table box 51
Correspodence, Tom Hayden letter, Hscket incident

Kolb Vs Kolb, 1980-1981 Box 53 Folder 1-4

Worrell Lynn Vs. Synanon, 1978 Box 53 Folder 5

Synanon Vs. Jack Tolchin et al., 1976-1982 Box 53 Folder 6-9 Ernestine White Vs. Otis Joseph Butler, 1974-1978 Box 54 Folder 1-2 Gambonini, Alvin, Lawsuit, 1980 Box 54 Folder 3-5
Witness Statements, 1975-1981 ? Box 54 Folder 6-9

Moncharsh, Robert, et al.; Thomas Meriwether, Paul Morantz, et al., Lawsuits, 1977-1980

Discovery, Note: Rattlesnake was cross-complainant in this case

Ross, Dan, et al, Lawsuit, 1974-1982

Summary judgment motion, transcript of Ross interview by Williams

State of California vs. Lance N. Kenton, Joseph A. Musico and Charles Edwin Dederich, 1979
Scope and Contents
Complete police file and preliminary hearing transcripts of “snake in mailbox” case.

Box 55 Folder 1-7
Box 56 Folder 1-7
Box 57 Folder 1-7
Box 58 Folder 1-10
Box 59 Folder 1-5
59:4 Wire logs, Discovery

Box 59 Folder 6-12
Box 60 Folder 1-8
Box 61 Folder 1-2
Box 62 Folder 1-6
Box 63 Folder 1-5
63:3 Ross deposition Vol 1, Vol 4, discovery
Box 64 Folder 1

Box 64 Folder 2-5
Box 65 Folder 1-4
Box 66 Folder 1-6
Box 67 Folder 1-8
Box 68 Folder 1-7
Box 69 Folder 1

Synanon letter to EMI

Box 83 Folder 1

Ambulance, 1977 Box 83 Folder 2

106:1 Paul Morantz letter to Elton Rule, The ABC stockholder Box 106 Folder 1-13
Meeting, ABC settlement
106:2 Letter to and from Dederich, abortion
106:3 “acting as if” transcript, 1964
106:4 Advertising Gifts and Premiums Catalog, 1978-1986
Advertising Gifts and Premiums Catalog, 1977-1978, Synanon
Magazine: The Counselor, the seduction of Synanon
By Mary Bacher Synanon People business
106:5 Anderson, Jack, 1981-1983, Paul Morantz,
History of telephone calls, phone calls I was receiving,
Declaration of Henrietta Crampton
106:6 1960 trial transcript, Judge Baida
106:7 State bar letter re Synanon lawyers, correspondence with state bar
106:8 Power and disent by Barry Oringer, The Synanon prayer, Phil Ritter
Game transcript, Police report, beatings in Santa Monica, Phil Ritter police reports,
Newspaper: Berkley beatings may have links to Synanon
106:9 BBC Synanon documentary transcript
106:10 Conversation with Jay Becker

\106:11 Letter from Betty Dederich to run the newcomer program
Oct 1977 Synanon story special issue on Betty Dederich first lady of Synanono who has died
106:12 Wendy Bignall “Basic training fieldtrip to San Francisco” Dec 15,78
106:13 LA Times advertisement for Black Datsun, , 1979

Badger, 1972 Box 83 Folder 5

History of Tulare county Box 83 Folder 6

114:1 Bald Head, Synanon statement of purpose
114:2 BBC, Transcript of “Everyman” Box 114 Folder 1-2

Ben Parks, 1979, deposition summary Box 114 Folder 3

Early Synanon books 1960’s
Scope and Contents
Paul Morantz’s outlines of the following: The Tunnel Back, So Fair a House (Dr. Daniel Casriel), Synanon (Guy Endore), all detaling early days of Synanon And Synanon: The People Business (Anthony Lang 1978), detailing the Synanon Trip and conversion of drug rehab to a New World.

Box 106 Folder 14

Boston House, 1978 (Wash.D.C. Embassy) Box 106 Folder 15

Brainwash, MKULTRA 1982-1985 (US States secret experiment
to use LSD in brainwashing w/o permission) Box 106 Folder 16
16:1 Deposition Charles Diedrich
16:2 Memos relating to corporal punishment and violence
16:4 Synanon discovery
16:5 Bernstein Stuart motion
16:6 Synanon responds discovery, Bernstein includes list of members
16:7 Newspaper articles

Transcript Brew, Douglas J., 1977-1978 Box 106 Folder 17

Butler, Otis & Naima, 1978
Morantz interview of Joey
Box 106 Folder 18

Bylaws and Article, 1960-1978 Box 106 Folder 19

CED Arraignment, 1980-1982 Box 20 Folder 20
Includes Paul Morantz letter to probation department
Letter 1982 to John Watson, re current Synanon harassment
And current role of C. Dederich and Synanon, transcript
of the sentencing re rattlesnake, Marv inquest report on LAPD wanted poster for Black Datsun

CED – Burton, 1980-1982, Dederich interview with KHJ TV Box 106 Folder 21

Pages from the TIME magazine depo of CED. (Confession Box 106 Folder 22
Of Dederich that he gave orders through
Games and Think Table,
“New Religious Posture” Think Table transcript.
On Imperial Marines and killing enemies
Dederich deposition summaries and ABC Deposition Summaries Box 83 Folder 7
CED Plea, 1978 Box 106 Folder 23
CED Probation, 1980, Letter from Morantz to court
Re sentencing Kenton and Musico

Box 107 Folder 1

CED Testing, 1977-1978, Doug Brew interview; Knapp after Time, with Synanon stockholders report; “acting as if”, channel 2, Connie Chung news report concerning Hurst, Paul Morantz; Synanon national guard proposal, “Synanon new militant posture”
Dec 15, 77 letter to Dan and Marion Ross, EIDSON memos, transcript “10 years sober. ?” Box 107 Folder 2
Changing Partners; Think table Sept 29 1977, re changing partners; interview with Chuck Junior, Jesse Marlow Dec 28 1977, transcript Dederich interview NBC;Chung interview with Dederich transcript
Think Table document changing partners
83:9 Interview with CED junior Box 114

Box 83 Folder 4

Folder 9
Synanon V California, Charity Case, 1979 Box 107 Folder 3
Chicago, 1976 Box 107 Folder 4
Child Abuse Punishment Logs, 1977-1978 Box 107 Folder 5
“Childbirth Unmasked: Teachings”, 1976 Box 107 Folder 6
Study of Synanon Children, published in 2000 Box 107 Folder 7
Chung, Connie, 1978, transcript Jan 31, 78 Box 107 Folder 8
Cliff Zeppieri, 1975-1976
Incuding Mullen letter yo Mom on how welll he is
i Box 114 Folder 5
Coons, Kathy, 1977 Box 107
Box 112 Folder 9
Folder 12
Corporal Punishment, 1975-1978 Box 107 Folder 10
1966, stockholders report and a transcript
“acting as if” Crawford, Bill, 1966 Box 107 Folder 11
Articles on Cults
Norma Fisher declaration Box 83 Folder 10
Folder 11
Crime Reports, 1977 Box 107 Folder 12
D. A. File, 1978-1980, grand jury incident transporting Morantz, grand jury survey Box 107 Folder 13
Dalton, Doug, 1985 Box 107 Folder 14
Deal, Bob Box 107 Folder 15
Exhibits, 1977, Summary in LA police reports Box 83 Folder 16
Delancey Street Family Box 107 Folder 16
Synanon A pioneering Response in drug abuse treatment as signal for caution (and summary), Deitch, David, 1979-1980 Box 107 Folder 17
Depositions, 1980 Box 114 Folder 6
Destroy Religion, 1972-1978
WINN cross-complaint Morantz, interfering with religion; Synanon responses to request for admission; Synanon agreement re property, C. Dederich declaration on Synanon game, P Morantz declaration re Dederich deposition, Synanon Nature of activities, Synanon “Basic Training”, Synanon fact sheet interview Dr Curt Batise, Power and Dissent transcript by Barry Orringer, TIME article Box 107 Folder 18
Destroy Tapes, 1984 Box 83 Folder 12
Detar, John, 1963-1971 Box 107 Folder 19
Discovery, 1982, summary of Synanon documents admitting treatment of patients (for Winn) Box 114 Folder 7

107:21 Distribution Network, 1977-1979
107:22 (Moved to box 48) Box 107 Folder 21-22
Dinuba, 1977 Box 107 Folder 20
Document Production, 1980 Box 83 Folder 13
est, 1980 ? Box 114 Folder 8
Europe, 1978 Box 107 Folder 23
Fagel, David, 1976-1978( Moved to a box 99)
99:1 Anthony Lang book and summary
99:4 Fagel case Box 107
Box 99 Folder 24
Folder 4-6

100:1 FAGEL trial transcript
100:2 FAGEL trial transcript
100:3-6 removed from the box Box 100 Folder 1-2
FBI, 1964-1985 Box 107 Folder 25
Finch – Schwartz, 1986-1987 ? Box 107 Folder 26
Garrett claim of Frame, 1978 Box 107 Folder 27
Freud, 1980 Box 108 Folder 1
Game transcript, Gable, Curtis Lee, 1979 Box 108 Folder 2
108:3 Thank you letters from escaped kids to Gaboninni, summary of Gaboninni deposition, Gamboninni cross-complaint, Synanon answers interrogatories, stories on run-away kids in Vegas
108:4 Memos on Synanon Game tapes, 1976-1980 Box 108 Folder 3-4
transcript on Dan Ross game and Phil Ritter game ? Box 83 Folder 17
Magazine articles:
“The Humanist: Synanon The Cummunivesity” by Dan Carrett
Pacific Sun, Apr 1980: The Synanon Gun Buy. How much is too much. Dan Carrett why he left
Graduate question transcript Dan Garrett
The American Lawyer Garret vs. Morantz Box 108 Folder 5
Germany, 1977 Box 108 Folder 6
Book review Gerstel, David, 1982 ? Box 83 Folder 18
Letters to politicians and lawyers, Government Bills, involving Morantz 1975-1977, 1997 Box 108 Folder 7
Grand Jury report, 1976-1978, transcript Marin county supervisor 4/11/78
Supervisor “ real to” transcript 4/11/78
The transcript Marin board supervisors meeting
5/9/78 Garfield presentation transcript to Marin board
8/7/78 Garfield presentation to Marin board
5/2/78 Garfield presentation to Marin board
Memos, Sept 30, 77
Marin department of health minutes 3/7/78, Marin board supervisor minutes includes discussion on grand jury report on Synanon. Summaries of board supervisor meetings. Box 108 Folder 8
March 78, grand jury report. , Legal decision against Synanon, district of Colombia criminal number 85-0356 Box 108 Folder 9
Testimony of CHP Carpenter ? Box 83 Folder 19
Experts, 1982, Move to Eidson box Box 114 Folder 9
Healing Arts, 1978 Box 114 Folder 10
Health Department, 1967-1978
Synanon magazine re department of health, letter to Art Berman– accuses Morantz and Narda; chronology on events, compiled by Synanon Box 108 Folder 10
Hey Rubes, 1977 Box 114 Folder 11
Synanon memorandums including intake forms Box 83 Folder 20
Home Place, Inc., 1980 (removed from the box) Box 108 Folder 11
113:1 HOT Documents (violence and crimes), 1975-1977
113:2 Tolchin Cross complaint, Synanon exhibits to Winn
113:3 motion for default Winn
113:4 Summary of witnesses, testimony alphabetical, memos on prospective witnesses, investigation reports, declaration of Roseanne Herman, Declaration of Frances Winn, Julie Moncharsh; Summary of Steve Simon dissertation; deposition summary of Lou Delgado, confidential report of investigation by John Lynch
113:5 investigator on reports, deposition discovery of Lowell Sigmund, interview with Curt Batiste, Transcript of Morantz interview with a JoAnn Meriwether by Synanon
113:6 ABC Stockholders meeting
113:7 admission
113:8 Edgar H.Schein article on brainwashing;Serbin and Adler summary; Simon dissertation;, social development of the Synanon cult, Kanter; Ofshe:“Synanon the failure that founded a tradition” by Ofshe
“Therapy cult” by John Hochaom
“Whishing Utopias” by Susan Richardson,
Butler, Otis & Naima, 1978
113:9 Transcript Synanon and Butler kids telephone calls
113:10 LAPD interview Jack Hurst, Mary Inskip

Box 113

Box 83 Folder 1-10

Folder 21
Hurst, Jack, 1978 Box 83 Folder 22

Imperial Marines/ Ben Parks, Box 108
Box 114 Folder 12
Folder 14
Beatings, Incident Synanon memos, 1975-1978 Box 108 Folder 13
1973, financial report to attorney general, Income Tax, 1973-1974 Box 108 Folder 14
Inskip, Mary, 1978 Box 108 Folder 15
Synanon philosophy Box 84 Folder 9
Internet Archives, 1977 Box 83 Folder 23
Jones, Debra, lawsuit 1979 Box 108 Folder 16
Kaiser, Noah Ron, 1983 Box 114 Folder 12
KGO, 1982, New story , re-settlement ABC Box 84 Folder 1
Kohl, Bobby, 1978-1982, lawsuit Box 109 Folder 1
Kolb, Bernie, 1979-1980, 1991-1996
Interview with Kolb, tape recording, summary of Ed Siegel tape, partial summary of Kolb deposition, Morantz interview with Bernie Kolb Transcript, Bernie Kolb book on Synanon 1992, “escaped from the devil” by Bernie Kolb, Deposition summary of Bernie Kolb, ? Box 109 Folder 2
114:12 Kaiser
114:13 Kolb Box 114 Folder 12-13
Correspondence with the department of Justice Lawler, Thomas, 1983-1985 Box 109 Folder 3
Law School, 1987 Box 109 Folder 4
Chronicle Newspaper, story of Synanon Law School Box 84 Folder 2
Letter to Bradley Box 84 Folder 3
National New Council: Synanon Retraction Project, UPI, Libel, 1980 (synanon intimidation of media) Box 109 Folder 5
Moved with newspaper articles Box 84 Folder 4
Moved with newspaper articles Box 84 Folder 5
Marin Zone, issues 1973 Box 84 Folder 6
Wendell Stamps summary, of his Imperial Marines Diary Box 109 Folder 6
Verdict, Marino, 1981-1982 Box 109 Folder 7
Marlow, Jess transcripts re Synanon Box 84 Folder 7
McCormack, Win (Synanon letter demanding retraction of article), 1985 Box 109 Folder 8
Moved with newspaper articles Box 84 Folder 8
Michigan, 1976-1977 Box 109 Folder 9
Miscellaneous Box 84 Folder 10

Moncharsh, Julie, 1978, 1999
Transcript of Synanon statement; her autobiography of while at Synanon. Box 109 Folder 10
Morantz, Paul, 1976-1982
Various Synanon documents, included letter to a Mrs. Morantz in Canada 1976 re her son,
1978 Outline for Synanon speakers– C. Dederich being tried by media; Doug Cameron Jul 10, 78 investigation to Paul Morantz, Synanon wire programming low Jul 30, 78.
Letter from Gita Edore to governor Brown
Transcript of Oct 6, 77, think table, Synanon v Time, Synanon represents that P. Morantz put snake in his mailbox to attract attention; tape recordings of Synanon meeting about Narda, health department, Morantz, conversation Jay Butler June 19, 1980
Copy of P. Morantz Synanon party Box 109 Folder 11
Negatives, Pictures (Synanon taking pictures inside my house) Morantz, Paul, House, 1979 Box 109 Folder 12
Mountanos, Louis P., 1982

Moved with Newspaper articles Box 109

Box 84 Folder 13

Folder 11
Myers, Kim, 1978-1981

Moved with Newspaper articles Box 114

Box 84 Folder 15

Folder 12
News, 1978
Connie Chung Jan 31, 78 transcript
Channel 2 Oct 11, 78 transcript taped by Synanon
Box 109 Folder 14
District of Colombia, Obstructing Justice, 1983 pointprayer Folder 15
Ohio information on Dederich birth and death of his father Box 84 Folder 13
BOX 109
Ofshe, Richard, 1974, 1980 plus Ottenburg 1982 TC’s become Cults. Box 109 Folder 16
Oringer, Barry, 1972 Power and Dissent Box 109 Folder 17
Other Cults Box 84 Folder 14
Oscar Lujan, 1979 Box 109 Folder 18
Patrick, Theodore, 1974-1978 Box 109 Folder 19
The Synanon Philosophy, Patton, Tom, 1973 Box 109 Folder 20
Paul Morantz medical records rattlesnake Box 84 Folder 15-19
Phone Calls, 1982 Box 109 Folder 21
Point Reyes Light, 2010 interview with Paul Morantz Box 114 Folder 16
Post Cases, 1982-1986
Motion to disqualify Robert Talcott
Subpoenas concerning when Law-enforcement had knowledge of of Synanon file destruction Box 109 Folder 22
Child Corporal punishment, Punk Squad, 1973-1978 ? Box 110 Folder 1
Synanon Reunion, 1995 Box 84 Folder 29
Deposition of P. Morantz missing evidence case, testimony of Miriam Carwford, complaints Reader’s Digest Synanon article, Synanon letter to CBS corporal ruling to dismiss ? Box 110 Folder 2
Letter department of health, re Robson, Douglas, 2001 Box 110 Folder 3
In re Habeas Corpus, Roop, Frank, 1977 Box 110 Folder 4
Transcript, Dan Ross tape, interview Dan and Marion, transcript Adrian Williams

Summary judgment motion transcript of Ross interview with Williams Box 110

Box 114 Folder 5

Folder 17
San Francisco, 1976, board meeting discuss Boot and Punk hi-fi games Box 110 Folder 6
Court ruling Synanon brought, lawsuit in bad faith warrants three hundred ninety thousand dollars sanctions;, cross-complaint of Dave and Kathy Mitchell; promotion for the book “The light of Synanon:, the Synanon complaint in readers digest. Box 110 Folder 7
110:8Search Warrants, 1976-1978, Synanon motion and response

Wiley report on CED arrest

Search Warrant

Extradite CED “

Extradite CED box 100 8a.

110:9 Steve Simon dissertation

Wiley reort ofarest,
Box 110
Folder 8-9

110; 8a
CED Extradition papers

Declaration of Simon, Steve, Simon publication, Simon plea agreement Box 111 “ :”

Singer, Margaret, 1996-2003
“Cult are systems opposed persnal Growth Box 111 Folder 2

Snake, 1979-1980; “The Synanon Story” Jan 1979–Dederich is innocent; Morantz letter to Hogoboom Oct 27, 1980 on sentencing Box 111 Folder 4
Michigan social services, correspondence with Synanon Box 111 Folder 5
Sandra Hall report of the activity at air strip Box 84 Folder 21
Sturges, Anne M., 1977, KGO transcript, interview with Synanon minor Box 84 Folder 22
Synanon Business, 1984, 1984 Synanon year-end report Box 111 Folder 6
Synanon Prayer Box 114 Folder 18
Synanon PR, 1968-2000;, Susan Ann Richardson report on Synanon children; C. Dederich transcript, Talk on Rearing Children, Synanon timeline, photographs, 1976 Synanon family reports.
“The Great God Band” Magazine Synanon Story
“Why Split” by Lillian Sale
Email from Denise Pattern, Bill Ulman, memo on child abuse; declaration of Joy Butler; verdict, Synanon church ?“West Wager” copyright 2000 in substance abuse treatment, sceptics dictionary, manuscript “The New Profession is Changing the World”, 1973
Transcript “ So you want to play” Synanon game,;
The Synanon Story Dec, 1979 Box 111 Folder 7
Various Synanon reports, Jan 30 1978, Letter of the department of education; Ellen Delgado to Jady Schiff–everyone believes they are brainwashing their children. Box 84 Folder24
Synanon Reviews, 1973-1981
Kanter: The Synanon Solution
Synanon foundation- A radical approach to the problem of addiction 1964
“New Group therapies” by Hendrik Ruitenbeek, 1970
David Deitch 1973 article
Synanon pamphlet on humility by Hubert Benoit
Report on research visit to Synanon foundation Inc
By Edward L. Maillet, Jun 1972
The Synanon Philosophy by Tom Patton
Synanon: The learning environment by Guy Endore Box 111 Folder 8
Synanon Transcripts, 1968-1978, Synanon infant School by Bette Fauceltte
Power and Dissent Orringer
Synanon school Pop Sheet 1999
A list of assaults on Synanon , Toys for thought, Synanon magazine–Synanon absorbs people
List of positives from Tme, article Think Table

“Report on research to Synanon” by Edward L. Maillet
“Synanon: An educational community” by Brooks Carder
“Essay on power” by Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Childbirth unmasked: Teachings” by Chuck Dederich 2 copies
Vasectomy names of people who left the game w/Chuck, 1-7-77
“The Synanon Philosophy” A lecture by Tom Patton
Department of Justice , San Francisco, Interviewees-Mary Inskip and Jack Hurst
“Outrageous impudence” by Guy Endore
“The personal stew” by Guy Endore
“Self-reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Box 111

Box 84 Folder 9

Folder 25
Tarbell, W.C., 1977-1978, Synanon lawsuits, senator S. I. Hayakawa, Mar 15, 1977 Box 111 Folder 10
Moved with newspaper articles Box 84 Folder 26
The Game Box 114 Folder 19
Subject summaries of Think Table alphabeetical Moved to noteboook Box 111 Folder 11
Think Table Summaries, 1977, topic index Moved to Notebool Box 111 Folder 12
CED Library;Think Table Summaries & Tape Libraries, 1977-1980 Box 111 Folder 13
Court transcripts Morantz vs. Synanon (Meriweahther)
Transcript Oct 26, 79 ?
Transcript Feb, 79
Transcript June 8, 79
Transcript Dec 17, 79 Box 111 Folder 14
Time Inc, 1976-1980 Box 112 Folder 1
Time Magazine Doug Brew interview of Dederich CED, summary of interview
Box 84 Folder 27
Tolchin, Jack, 1977
112:2-3Transcripts: Contracts by C. Dederich
“The Cirrticle and the triangle”
“The Game process”
“I hate prejudice”
“Human Race”
“Pretty fantastic”
“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”
“You can’t hurt anybody and get away with it”
“Every time you get an answer you find another question “
Transcript “acting as if”
“Fact Sheet”- Synanon basic training
“The Synanon game”
California Medicine Magazine–“Older person in a Planned Community: Synanon Nature of activities” Newmark
“What is Synanon”
“Synanon: Where life is a game”–Skip Ferdeber, Westways Magazine 1974
“The Prayer”
“Synanon Story” Jan 79
“Synanon Senses” 1972
“Synanon Fact Sheet”
“The Human Sport” by Guy Endore
“The Seduction of Synanon” by Ann Bacher, The Counselor Magazine 1978
Synanon admission form
Synanon “Toward Building a Humanistic Organization” Simon 1975
Humanistic phycology
“How to become a Synanon fanatic” 1973
The Weekly comic book — TIME magazine
Synanon commitment to quality cattle
The game club
112:4 C Dederich Rearing Children
The New profession
Synanon: What it’s all about Jan 1977, Laura Dell
Drug survival news
Synanon becomes middleman for poor Oct 2, 1977
Steve Steinman article “acting as if”
Childbirth Unmasked
The seduction of Synanon Box 112 Folder 2-4
Tort & Religion, 1989 by P. Morantz, “The freedom to think is not the freedom to do” Box 114 Folder 20
Transcripts & Articles, 1975 – 1979, notes on Synanon tapes Box 112 Folder 5
UCLA, 1993, condition of use Box 114 Folder 21
Van de Kemp, John, Letters, 1982-1988 Box 112 Folder 6
Venue, 1979, WRT motion to change Venue Box 112 Folder 7
Walden House, 1999 Box 114 Folder 22
Washington DC, 1978-1986, opinion tax case Box 112 Folder 8
112:9 ABC declaration re transcripts, Synanon discussing guns on tape
112:12-13 Hot documents
Box 112 Folder 9, 12-13

West, Dr. Louis, 1978 Box 12 Folder 10

Wire Logs, 1977-1980; partial transcripts on Synanon tapes Box 112 Folder 11

Declaration of Norma Fischer, 1978 Box 83 Folder 11

PM-Medical Insurance Box 84 Folder 19

Synanon Film Files, 1980-1984 Box 69 Folder 2-6

Synanon Foundation, Inc. v. Meriwether, et al.; Morantz v. Synanon Foundation, Inc., et al., 1978 Police files

115:3-7 Deposition of Rod Mullen

Deposition of Rod Mullen
Synanon Foundation, Inc., Plaintiff, vs. Thomas Meriwether, Paul Morantz, et al., Defendants. Paul Morantz, Cross- Complainant, vs. Synanon Foundation, Inc., et al., Cross Defendants, 1980

Box 114 Folder 23-27
Box 115 Folder 1-2

Box 115 Folder 3-7
Box 116 Folder 1

The Synanon Church v. United States of America, Civil Action, 1983
General Note
This is the IRS case that closed Synanon. Morantz and Richard Ofshe were hired consultants

Affidavits – Declarations IRS Box 72 Folder 1

Defendant’s Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Synanon’s Motion to Dissolve Order Staying Discovery IRS

Box 72 Folder 2

Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss IRS Box 72 Folder 3

Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss Synanon’s Complaint with Prejudice IRS

Reply Memorandum for the United States to Synanon’s Opposition to the Government’s Motion to Dismiss IRS

Box 72 Folder 4

Box 72 Folder 5

Defendant’s Statement of Material Facts Filed in Accordance with Local Rule 1-9 (h) and Defendant’s Supplemental Statement of Material Facts Filed in Accordance with Local Rule 1-9 (h) IRS

Defendant’s Memorandum in Reply to Plaintiff’s Memorandum in Opposition to the Motion for a Protective Order IRS

Memorandum for the United States in Reply to Synanon’s Memorandum Regarding Selective Enforcement of the Law

Box 72 Folder 6

Box 72 Folder 7

Box 72 Folder 8

Motion of the United States for an Order Requiring Synanon to Immediately Produce All Information Concerning Destroyed and Hidden Subpoenaed Materials Detailing Synanon’s Illegal Acts, or, in the Alternative, for an Order Dismissing the Complaint on the Merits

Box 72 Folder 9

Memorandum of Law for the United States in Support of its Motion for an Order Requiring Immediate Production of All Information Concerning Destroyed and Hidden
Subpoenaed Materials Detailing Synanon’s Illegal Acts or, in the Alternative, for an Order Dismissing the Complaint on the Merits IRS Box 72 Folder 9
Plaintiff’s Statement of Material Facts, Vols. I-V IRS Box 72 Folder 10-11
IRS Box 73 Folder 1-2
Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment IRS Box 73 Folder 3
Defendant’s Memorandum of Law in Support of its Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 4
Defendant’s Memorandum of Law in Reply to Synanon’s Opposition to the Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 5
Defendant’s Second Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 6
Memorandum of Law for the United States in Support of its Second Motion for Summary Judgment and in Support of its Motion to Dismiss Synanon’s Complaint, . . ., for Failure to Comply with this Court’s Orders of August 17, 1983 and October 21, 1983 Box 73 Folder 7
Defendant’s Statement of Material Facts Filed in Accordance with Local Rule 1-9 (h) in Support of its Second Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 8
Memorandum for the United States in Reply to Synanon’s Opposition to the Government’s Second Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 9
Memorandum of Law for the Defendant in Opposition to the Plaintiff’s Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment Box 73 Folder 10
• Defendant’s Statement of Genuine Issues in Opposition to Synanon’s Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment IRS Box 74 Folder 1
Plaintiff’s Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment Folder 74 Folder 2-3
Transcription of Synanon Document #400082: “Cassette Copy of the Portion of Monday NIght Game in which the Two Model Plans Fliers Were brought in and interviewed” Box 74 Folder 4
Exhibit Volume I: Tape Transcripts; Exhibit Volume II: Think Table Topic Summaries Box 74 Folder 5
Exhibit Volume III: Synanon’s Imperial Marines and Weapons Box 74 Folder 6
Exhibit Volume IV: Minutes; Exhibit Volume V: The Holy War IRS Box 75 Folder 1
Exhibit Volume VI: Synanon’s Violent Acts Box 75 Folder 2
Exhibit Volume VII: Transcripts and Summaries of Tape Recorded Discussions of Synanon’s Directors and Executives Box 75 Folder 3
Exhibit 8 Missing what about EX V?

Exhibit Volume VIII: Chuck Dederich Talks About Synanon Home Place Box 75 Folder 4
Exhibit Volume IX: Other Synanon Documents Box 122 Folder 1
Exhibit Volume X: Transcripts of Synanon Tape Recordings Box 122 Folder 2
Exhibit Volume XI: Additional Synanon Documents and Records; Exhibit Volume XII: Affidavits Box 122 Folder 3
Additional Exhibits, Rod Mullen declaration Box 122 Folder 4
201: clippings, magazines, photos
202: Audio/Video tapes Synanon
203: Synanon tape transcript
204: Alphabetical think table book chapters on brainwashing, summaries, misc. tapes Box 201-204
Exhibits for Statement of Case Re Relevance and Discovery Box 123 Folder 2
Synanon Foundation, Inc., et al. vs. Time, Inc., et al., Lawsuit, Box 70 Folder 1-7

71:1 TIME Box 71 Folder 1-4
Winn, Ed, and Winn, Frances, Lawsuit, 1970-1981 Box 76 Folder 1-6
Box 77 Folder 1-6
78:1 Winn Appellate brief
78:3 Appeals and trial brief for WINN judgement
78:4 Paul Morantz brief
78:6 Declarations of witnesses in Winn
78:7 Transcript of WINN trial Sept 19, 1978
Box 78 Folder 1-8
Motion Paul Morants trial, protective order discovery Box 79 Folder 1-7
80:1 Judgement motion, memo re Synanon needing licenses
Evidence memo Synanon needing licnenses
80:2 Settlement (confidential)
80:3 Ed WINN Deposition
80:4 Appendix to writ of mandate Box 80 Folder 1-7

Memorandum, things to do , correspondence with travelers ins. letter to Phil Ritter Box 81

Box 82 Folder 1-8
Synanon Internal Files, 1975-1980
Title/Description Instances
Board Meetings, 1975-1979
85:1-2 Summary of Board meeting tape recording
85:3 Board of director Min Jul 26, 1977 , think table summaries Box 85 Folder 1-3
Morning Court, 1977, summaries of tape recordings of morning court Box 85 Folder 4
86:1-8 summaries of tape recordings of morning court
86:9 transcripts of Jul 28, 1977, tape recording summaries of other court dates
86:10-11 summaries of tape recordings of morning court
86:12 Transcript of Sept 2, 1977, tape recordings of morning court
86:13 summaries of tape recordings of morning court, memorandum to the file Synanon V ABC (think table tape recordings)
86:14 Memorandum Synanon V ABC (Synanon tapes recordings)
Memorandum Synanon V ABC ( Paul Morantz tape recordings)
Summaries of think table of Sept 9, 1977, memorandum summary of thing table 9/15/77
86:15 Summaries of tape recordings CED, summaries of “couple game” tapes Synanon Box 86 Folder 1-15
87:1-5 morning court summaries
87:6 Synanon internal memo Sept 7, 1976, refers to Synanon Embassy in Washington DC, Oct 1, 1976 letter from CED junior : people willing to do whatever they are told to do.
87:7 Daily logs and minutes on Synanon
87:8 Daily logs and minutes on Synanon
87:9 Correspondence with enquiries re-sending people to Synanon
Office Files, 1975-1979

Box 87 Folder 1-9

Correspondence with people coming to Synanon Box 88 Folder 1-4
89:1-2 Correspondence with people coming to Synanon
89:3 ABC Synanon motion to protective order, Dederich deposition, includes medical records on Dederich
89:4 Home Place security chain of command
89:5 Summaries of Schick Dederich tape recordings
89:6 There is transcript of “Time for Battle Cry” Sept 23, 1972, 12 pages
Transcript Paul Jordan threat 12/31/77,; Transcript of Aug 13th ;interview with Jady Feb 9, 1978,;6/29/78 telephone interview with Sandi Durgin with Doug Hurt; Transcript David Benjamin– wire taping, Statement of Tim Ray on“Mad Dog Friday” 6/3/78,; Summary of telephone calls with Butler kids telling them to harass grandmother Box 89 Folder 1-6
Wendel Stamps – Imperial Marines Diary Box 90 Folder 1
Home Place Health – Press Conference transcript 1977 Box 90 Folder 1.a
Partial Hot Documents Box 90 Folder 2

Various Sinnamon letters and memos – Including June ’78 letter to congress over “Frame Up” of Charles Diedriech
Box 90 Folder 3
Sinnamon memos – violence – Kim Myers – Think Table Summaries seized by LAPD Box 90 Folder 4
91:1 Letters to parents concerning the punk squad, 4/02 min/boot camp, council
91:2-4 enquires about joining Synanon Box 91 Folder 1-5
92:1 letters from CED junior, Office files, Enquires about handling newcomers, records; transition 12 year old from the school into community, concerning school, Jady.
92:2 Letters concerning fire department, correspondence with police departments, foster agencies, reports on the Stew, newcomer intake reports on various statues.
92:3 Corporal punishment laws, Synanon records of beating the children . ?
92:4 Synanon records concerning corporal punishment, corporal punishment logs beating children
92:5 Transcript 1/7/77 on Vasectomy game , summaries of Chuck Dederich tapes Box 92 Folder 1-5
Security, 1977 Box 93 Folder 1
Standard Report and Work Form, 1978 Box 93 Folder 2
Synanon College Courses, 1977 Box 93 Folder 3

Synanon Fire Department Daily Drill Reports, 1978 Box 93 Folder 5

Synanon Letters to the Media, 1978-1980
Summary Synanon broadcast

Synanon Radio Network (The Wire Logs), 1977-1979

Box 94 Folder 1-6
Box 93 Folder 6-8

Box 95 Folder 1-12
Box 96 Folder 1-5

Think Table , 1977-1978

Topic Summaries, 1977-1978

Think Table Audio Tape , 11.16.1977
Audio Tape
Contains 1 reel audio tape recording, “Think Table,” Reel 1, 1977 November 16

Box 96 Folder 6-7
Box 97 Folder 1

Box 119

10 years sober, Chuck Hurst: How do play the Synanon Game, Audio Tape Recordings, 1966
Audio Tapes
Contains the following reel-to-reel audio tape recordings marked “Confidential – Synanon”: 1. “How to Play the Synanon Game,” Reel 1 of 1, 1966 June 15, #6 [Jack
Hurst] 2. “Ten Years Sober,” Reel 1 of 1, 1966 May 14, #7

Box 119

Several boxes of game tapes exist

Appointment Books, 1977-1985 Box 97 Folder 2

Clippings: Magazines and Newspapers, 1959-2005

Detroit Free Press, “Inside Synanon, the Games are Deadly”, 1979 November 14


Box 16 Folder 7-9
Box 17 Folder 1-6
Box 118 Folder 9-13
Box 120
Box 121

Box 118 Folder 9

Box 118 Folder 9

Index of Visalia News clippings Box 118 Folder 9

Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light, “Ex Synanon President
Speaks Out”, 1978 Box 118 Folder 10

Box 118 Folder 10

Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light, “Ex-Members Give Synanon Child Abuse Testimony”, 1979 March 1

Mitchell 1997 Synanon Founder dies

Grand jury indicts 9 Mitchell gets $100,0000,
Visalia Times sued Folder 11

Betty Dies

Folder 12

Below are lsted newspapers..but they have been moved into albums chronoligically
Zacchino, Narda: Los Angeles Times, “Grand Jury Calls for inquiry on Synanon”, 1978 March 12 Box 118 Folder 10
Hazlett, Bill: Los Angeles Times, “Synanon Assault Case Postponed”, 1979 May 4 Box 118 Folder 10
Nevin, George: Independent Journal, “Synanon’s Arms Purchase Detailed”, 1978 January 26 Box 118 Folder 10
Weiss, Clyde: Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Synanon, Not ‘Recommended’, Counselor”, 1979 September 23 Box 118 Folder 10
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “The way Synanon lives: Playing a dangerous game”, 1979 November 14 Box 118 Folder 10
Weiss, Cyde: “Synanon defended by mothers”, 1979 September 24 Box 118 Folder 10
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “Synanon cult stories mar cure claims”, 1979 November 11 Box 118 Folder 10
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “Synanon fails state’s teens”, 1979 November 12 Box 118 Folder 10
Farr, Bill and Overend, Bill: “Dederich Ruled Not Competent at Present Time, 1978 April 12 Box 118 Folder 12
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Synanon Asks for Court for Return of Tape”, 1979 January 5 Box 118 Folder 12
Rifkin, Ira: Valley News: “Dederich freed on bail following plea”, 1979 January 17 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes light: “Synanon boy case” , 1979 February 8 Box 118 Folder 12
Overend, William: Los Angeles Times: “Leaders of Synanon Fear for its Founder”, 1979 January 28 Box 118 Folder 12
Brimsey, Arletta: “Program spurs cults awareness”, 1979 February 26 Box 118 Folder 12
Craih, Ralph: San Francisco Chronicle: “Synanon, Marin Neighbor Try to Talk, 1979 January 5 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes Light: “Synanon spokesman admits punching child”, 1979 March 8 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Cathy: Point reyes Light: “How Synanonites see their world”, 1979 March 15 Box 118 Folder 12
Sullivan, Dan and Zimbardo Philip: Los Angeles Times : “Jonestown Survivors Tell Their Story”, 1979 March 9 Box 118 Folder 12
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon and People’s Temple”, 1978 November 23 Box 118 Folder 12
Brenneman, Dick: “Synanon ordered to turn over tapes”, 1979 February 12 Box 118 Folder 12

Point Reyes Light: “March 26 hearing set in Chuck Dederich case” , 1979 March 8 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon Legal Dept.- how legal is it?”, 1979 March 29 Box 118 Folder 12
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon suing Marin County”, 1979 March 8 Box 118 Folder 12
Las Vegas Review-Journal-5A, 1979 September 13 Box 118 Folder 10
Detroit Free Press: “Synanon cult reports mar claims”, 1979 November 11 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes Light: “Synanon leader son made ward of court”, 1979 April 12 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State says Dederich has millions stashed abroad”, 1979 April 5 Box 118 Folder 12
Porter, Randy: The Daily Iowan: “College students favorite cult targets, says Morantz”, 1979 April 25 Box 118 Folder 12
Hazlett Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Kenton, Musico Plead Innocent”, 1979 August 9 Box 118 Folder 12
Overend, William: Los Angeles Times: “A reluctant crusader’s legal forays”:, 1979 March 28 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave and Ofshe Richard: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon charges state plans receivership action”, 1979 September 27 Box 118 Folder 12
Los Angeles Times: “Not Trying To Wreck Synanon, State Says”, 1979 September 26 Box 118 Folder 12
Overend, William: Los Angeles Times: “2 in Synanon Face trial in Snake Attack on Lawyer”, 1979 July 25 Box 118 Folder 12
Detroit Free Press: “Synanon cult reports mar claims”, 1979 November 11 Box 118 Folder 12
Morris, Carl: “Snake-Bitten lawyer Asks Enforcement of Cult Laws” , 1979 February 13 Box 118 Folder 11
Daily Pilot:”$20 Million Assets Reported By Synanon”, 1979 June 20 Box 118 Folder 11
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Synanon Founder Arrested in Plot Murder Lawyer”, 1978 December 3 Box 118 Folder 11
Zacchino, Narda: “Los Angeles Times: “2 Suspects held in Attack on Lawyer by rattlesnake”, 1978 October 13 Box 118 Folder 12
Daily Journal: “Deukmejian Attacks Synanon Intimidation”, 1979 September 27 Box 118 Folder 12
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes Light: “Promiscuity focus in epic legal battle”, 1979 September 20 Box 118 Folder 12

Point Reyes Light: “Atty. gen. v. Synanon- AG wins”, 1979 October 4 Box 118 Folder 12
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: Defectors Say Synanon Has Changed- for Worse, 1978 December 3 Box 118 Folder 11
Morgan, Thomas: “Synanon Harassing Them, Apartment residents Claim”, 1978 January 14 Box 118 Folder 12
Weiss, Clyde: “Vegas youths still sent to Synanon”, 1979 September 13 Box 118 Folder 12
Lynch, Jack: San Francisco Chronicle: “Synanon Loses a Tax Exemption”, 1978 August 18 Box 118 Folder 11
Los Angeles Times: “Arrest Warrant for Synanon Founder Issued”, 1978 June 17 Box 118 Folder 11
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “Synanon cult stories mar cure claims”, 1978 November 11 Box 118 Folder 11
Detroit Free Press, 1979 November 11 Box 118 Folder 13
Detroit Free Press: “‘Game’ players defend Synanon program”, 1979 November 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon makes use of the supernatural”, 1979 November 22 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Court rulings clobber Synanon”, 1979 December 20 Box 118 Folder 13
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “Synanon fails state’s teens”, 1979 November 12 Box 118 Folder 13
Detroit Free Press: “Synanon earned big business support”, 1979 November 13 Box 118 Folder 13
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “Synanon seeking a buyer for would-be headquarters”, 1979 November 22 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Attorney General outlines Synanon criminal probe”, 1979 December 13 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State civil complaint drafted against cult”, 1979 November 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Murrill, Mary Beth: Los Angeles Herald Examiner: “Police Question Man in Rattlesnake Case”, 1978 October 12 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon plans auction to unload planes, goods”, 1979 December 6 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “A victory for the state in Synanon prosecution”, 1980 January 17 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon tactics stir legal flap”, 1980 January 31 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Synanon Drops $76 Million Libel Suit Against Time”, 1980 February 6 Box 118 Folder 13

Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “New bill could rescue Synanon”, 1980 February 28 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Supes resisting Synanon ploys”, 1980 March 6 Box 118 Folder 13
Ruschau, Marjorie: Rockford Register Star: “Lawyer offers advice on helping son in cult”, 1980 May 2 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Dederich Loses Bid to Move Trial”, 1980 May15 Box 118 Folder 13
Trost, Cathy: Detroit Free Press: “City Rejects Bid By Synanon for Midtown Center”, 1980 January 30 Box 118 Folder 13
1980 July 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon’s gun class”, 1980 May 8 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Dederich Promised Probation for Rattlesnake Plea”, 1980 July 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Graeser, Fred: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon auction draws 1000” , 1980 July 3 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “State sues cult cult sues Light”, 1980 January 3 Box 118 Folder 13
Chandler, Russell and TImnick, Lois: Los Angeles Times: “Bill to cut State’s power to probe religious groups’ abuses gains”, 1980 June 17 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon to auction”, 1980 June 19 Box 118 Folder 13
Ofshe, Richard and Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Judge rules Synanon will have to pay Time”, 1980 April 3 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Syanon Snake Trial Delay Will Be Requested”, 1980 July 3 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Cult frets Time big, drops suit”, 1980 February 7 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Righting a Synanon Wrong”, 1980 May 22 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon’s money game”, 1979 November 29 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Rattlesnake trial to start Tuesday”, 1980 July 10 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “The people v. Synanon”, 1980 March 20 Box 118 Folder 13
14- Point Reyes Light: “Synanon and People’s Temple”, 1978 November 23 Box 118 Folder 11
Zacchino, Narda: Los Angeles Times: “Grand Jury Calls for Inquiry on Synanon”, 1978 March 12 Box 118 Folder 11

Thorne, Will: Evening Outlook: “Synanon ‘Home’ Sold”, 1978 March 23 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Cathy and Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “A judge’s analysis of Synanon”, 1979 March15 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes Light: “Synanon leader son made ward of court”, 1979 April 12 Box 118 Folder 11
Evening Outlook: “3 change plea in ‘snake trial'”, 1980 July 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: 14- Point Reyes Light: Ex-members give Synanon child abuse te, 1979 March 1 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Mounting troubles beset Synanon folk”, 1979 March 22 Box 118 Folder 11
San Francisco Chronicle: “A Frustrated Marin Probe of Synanon”, 1979 January 6 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point reyes Light: “Synanon legal Dept.- how legal is it?”, 1979 March 29 Box 118 Folder 11
Kroll, Robert: Independent and Gazette: “Synanon critic: Anti- cult ed(?)”, 1979 May 8 Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State says Dederich has millions stashed abroad”, 1979 April 5 Box 118 Folder 11
Palisades Post: “Attorney takes stock”, 1978 October Box 118 Folder 11
Lindsey, Robert: New York Times: “Synanon Founder and Two Guards Convicted in Attack With a Snake”, 1980 June 7 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Cathy and Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon defendants found guilty”, 1980 July 17 Box 118 Folder 13
San Francisco Chronicle: “The Synanon Rattlesnake”, 1980 June 17 Box 118 Folder 13
Lissauer, Gail: Palisadian-Post: “Ordeal gives attorney insights into cults”, 1980 July 24 Box 118 Folder 13
Low, Charlotte: The Western Law Journal: “California Church Probes End But Legal Disputes Remain”, 1980 December Box 118 Folder 13
The National Law Journal: “A Disillusioned Crusader”, 1980 July 28 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Dederich, Two Aides Plead No Contest in Snake Case, 1980 July 16 Box 118 Folder 13
Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Morantz Urges Defeat of Bill He Claims Would Hinder State in Dealing With Cults”, 1980 August 6 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State planning raid for Synanon papers”, 1980 September 25 Box 118 Folder 13
Chandler, Russell and Dart, John: “Brown Signs Bill Limiting Probes of Church Groups”, 1980 October 2 Box 118 Folder 13

Farr, Bill: Los Angeles Times: “Dederich Fined, Put on Probation”, 1980 September 4 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave and Berry, Jon and Kibbee, Eleanor: Point Reyes Light: “Founder Dederich sentenced”, 1980 September 11 Box 118 Folder 13
Brickley, Peg: Western Law Journal: “Synanon’s Bout With Time” , 1980 October Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “He recalls the ‘good’ in Synanon, 1980 July 31 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Gov. signs pro-cult bill”, 1980 October 9 Box 118 Folder 13
Chandler, Russell: Los Angeles Times: “State to Drop 12 Probes of Religious Groups”, 1980 October 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Morantz, Synanon settle out of court”, 1980 October 30 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State files suit here against Synanon cult”, 1980 December 18 Box 118 Folder 13
Daniels, Steve: The Arizona Republic: “Lake Havasu City checks out Synanon”, 1980 November 15 Box 118 Folder 13
Policzer, Milt: Los Angeles Herald Examiner: “A year after Jonestown, cults are thriving”, 1979 November 18 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Appeals court rules against Synanon”, 1980 December 4 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon Leader Indicted for Security Fraud”, 1982 December 16 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Judge throws out Synanon kidnap case”, 1981 July 30 Box 118 Folder 13
Point Reyes Light: “Synanon, Tulare settle lawsuit”, 1980 November 6 Box 118 Folder 13
The American Lawyer: “Lillick’s Folly”, 1983 June Box 118 Folder 13
Western Law Journal: “California Church Probes”, 1980 November/December Box 118 Folder 13
Los Angeles Times: “The Synanon game: two rounds of disenchantment”, 1980 December 7 Box 118 Folder 13
“Inside Synanon, the games”, 1970 November 14 Box 118 Folder 13
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “State Drops Cult Case”, 1980 October 16 Box 118 Folder 13
Mathews, Charlie: Palisades Post: “Attorney’s brush with death doesn’t curtail his actions”, 1978, October
Box 118 Folder 11
Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon offers to sell third W. Marin site”, 1980 December 11 Box 165

Point Reyes Light: “Detroit skidrow groups fight Synanon facility”, 1980 February 14

Mitchell, Dave: Point Reyes Light: “Synanon settles Gambonini lawsuit”, 1980 May 22

Nevin, George: Independent Journal: “Synanon arms purchase detailed”, 1978 January 26

Drake, William H.: The Freedom Press: “Synanon, The Cult That ‘Brainwashes’ The Anti-Social Ones”, 1966 September 30

Villet, Grey: LIFE: “A Tunnel Back into the Human Race”, 1962 March 9

O’Quin, Sally: LIFE: “Mr. Synanon Goes Public”, 1969 January 31

Box 165

Box 165

Box 165

Box 120 MAGAZINES 120-121

Box 120

Box 120

See, Carolyn: Los Angeles Times WEST: “Synanon By-the- Sea”, 1967 December 3

Ellison, Harlan: Eye: “You could split behind a lug that heavy”, 1968 October

Kobler, John: The Saturday Evening Post: “The second coming of Synanon”, 1969 February 8

Tynan, John: Down Beat: “Hope for the addicted”, 1961 February 2

Collier, Peter: Ramparts: “The House of Synanon”, 1967 October

Jackovich, Karen G.: People: “Synanon leader Chuck Dederich finds himself charged in the notorious snakebite case”, 1978 December 18

Ellison, Harlan: Knight: “Synanon-Getting Hollywood’s Head Straight”, 1970 March

Rohrlich, Ted: Los Angeles Times Magazine: “Life After Synanon”, 1998 March 29

Stabiner, Karen: New West: “IRS investigates Synanon’s status”, 1979 June 4

Bourdette, Philip C.: California Magazine: “Objection”, 1979 May

Playboy: ”Playboy Interview: Ted Patrick”, 1979 March

Cameron, Dennis: Scope: “Inside Adicts Anonymous”, 1962 July.

Mammas and Pappas by Bob Lees. Synanon

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Box 120

Bluhm, Erik: Great God Pan “The Synanon Story”, 1997 October Box 120

Arno, Emmet. Goulding, Jack: Argosy: “Spike In My Arm”, 1959 June Box 120

People: “Give Me Some Skin”, 1975 March 17 Box 120

Jaguar, 1965 September Box 120

Time: “Life at Synanon is swinging”, 1977 December 26 Box 121

Time: “Synanon Sequel-Dederich pleads no contest”, 1980 July 28

Box 121

Anson, Robert Sam: NewTimes: “ Synanon Horrors–Synanon’s tragic Journey: from healing to horror”, 1978 November 27

Box 121

Tynan, John: Down Beat: “Benefit for Synanon”, 1961 May
American Lawyer re Synanon! LA Times ‘Life after Synanon”,

The games at Synanon,! “In Synanon: A Therapeutic Life Style

May 1971, California Medicine, Curt G. Batiste and Lewis Yablonsky!

Older person in a Planned Commuity: Synanon by Gerald Newman and Sandy Newman, Nov, Dec 1976, Social Policy!

The Synanon solution by Lewis Yablonsky, Nation, 1965

Anson, Robert Sam: NewTimes, “The Synanon Horrors”, 1978 November.

Olin, William F.: Escape from Utopia : My Ten Years in Synanon: “David Trashes Goliath: Synanon vs. Hearst Corpotation”, 1980

Box 121
Maillet, Edward L.: U.S. Army Medical Center: “Report on Research Visit to Synanon” 1972
Confidential Magazine 1971 Synanom Experience by Richard Wingate
US: “Bitten By A Rattle Snake: pg. 22. 1978 November 28
Will real Juveniles Delinquents Please Stand up—CED Synanon magazine
The Founder’s Page, /Synanon Magazine
Del Mar Club Life Mag. Feb 1934
Box 121
National Lampoon Mag. Feb. 1979: Government Mounts Massive War on Synanon

120 0r 121

Simon, Linda: Moment: “Synanon: A game gone sour”, 1993 August

Caplane, Ronnie: etasynanon.htm: “Woman’s local show examines her life in Synanon cult”, 1999 March 5

Clark, Michael D.: general32.html: “Her life with ‘one big brother'” , 1999 March 19

Davidson, Bill: Good Housekeeping: “They shared a victory over Heroin”, 1970 October

Miller, Laurie: Los Angeles Free Press: “Inside Synanon”, 1972 September 22

Henderson, Bruce: New West: “Synanon in need of Rehabilitation”, 1978 October 23

Box 121

Box 121

Box 121

Box 121

Box 121

Box 121

Time: “The snake in the mailbox”, 1978 October 23 Box 121

Busby, Laurel: Palisadian Post: “Cult Crusader Morantz Shares His Stories”, 2012 October 11

Box 121

Abott, Harvey S.: Films in Review: “Synanon”, 1965 June Box 121 Ferderber, Murray: “The ‘games’ at Synanon” Box 121

Manuscripts and Articles, 1965-1981

Transcription of Paul Morantz’s Outline of the book “Synanon: The People Business,” by Anthony Lang, 1978

Box 99 Folder 1

“Synanon: Born While AA Slept,” by David Randall, 1973 Box 99 Folder 2 “The Tunnel Back: Synanon,” Lewis Yablonsky, 1965 summary Box 99 Folder 3

ABC Script, “The Kingdom of Synanon,” by Scott Swanton, 1981 (confidential)

Box 116 Folder 2-3

ABC Script, “The Light of Synanon,” by T.S. Cook, 1981 Box 116 Folder 4

“The Holy War: The Story of Charles Dederich and the Rise and Fall of Synanon Foundation, Inc.”

Box 116 Folder 5-6

Drafts of Morantz Synanon book Box 116 Folder 7 “The Rise and Fall of Synanon,” by Phill Jackson, 1997 Box 118 Folder 7 “Synanon: The Rise and Fall of Charles Dederich, 1958-1997” Box 118 Box 7 “The Synanon Horrors,” by Robert Anson, 1978 Box 118 Folder 8

Manuscripts – Dean, Judith – “Synanon: The Group Gut” (#1 of 2), 1982

Box 97 Folder 3

Manuscripts – Dean, Judith – “Synanon: The Group Gut” (#2 of 2), 1982

Box 97 Folder 4

Steven I. Simon “The Synanon Game” (#1 of 2), 1973 Box 98 Folder 1

Steven I. Simon “The Synanon Game” (#2 of 2), 1973 Box 98 Folder 2

Manuscripts – Swanton, Scott – “The Kingdom of Synanon”, 1981 (Confidential)

Manuscript – Yuri Zelster + Cary Bickley – “A Miracle on the Beach”, 1999 (confidential)

Box 98 Folder 3

Box 98 Folder 4

Manuscripts – Morantz, Paul – “Escape …” Box 98 Folder 5

Unknown Manuscript Excerpt
– Early Draft of Morantz Manuscript Box 98 Folder 6

“Violence on Eidsons” & Eidson Depo Summary & Book Draft Box 98 Folder 7

So Fair A House by Daniel Casriel, 1963 Box 98 Folder 9

Synanon by Guy Endore, 1967
& Book Summary Box 98 Folder 10

Motion Picture: “Synanon”, 1965
Material includes: 1. Movie posters 2. “The Synanon News” 3. “Columbia Pressbook” 4. Publicity photographs
5. Movie sound track (album) 6. Synanon: the Original Motion Picture 1965 (DVD)

These items are about “Synanon,” a motion picture from Columbia Pictures released in 1965. This feature was filmed at the Synanon House in Santa Monica, CA.

Columbia Pressbook Box 118 Folder 6

Movie Posters, 1965 Box 118 Folder 1-2

Slides, pictures taken of Synanon Marin by Paul Morantz, after Synanon left. DVD: Rajneesh, Lifespring, Scientology, Synanon movie, nightly news, Lake Havasu, Synanon TV Broadcast, 45 HOOP LA, LONG HOOP LA, Phonograph Records, c.1965, 1970
Records box 117
Contains: 3-45 rpm vinyl records titled “Long Hoop LA” one side and “Hoop LA” on the other. Vocals by J. Long and L. Jackson. Under name: “Sounds of
Synanon”; manufactured by EPIC records. Designated as “Radio Station Copy.” undated

1-LRP vinyl record titled “Synanon: Original Sound Track Recording of Music from the Motion Picture.” Music composed, arranged, and conducted by Neal Hefti; monoral; manufactured by Liberty Records, c. 1965

1-LRP vinyl record titled “Synanon: Original Sound

Track Recording of Music from the Motion Picture.” Music composed, arranged, and conducted by Neal Hefti; stero; manufactured by Liberty Records, c. 1965

Box 117 Folder 4-5
/////////////Marin photo file 5.A. description of Marshall, Dillon Beach

Mitchell, Light on the Coast.”

1-LRP vinyl record titled “Sounds of Synanon: The Prince of Peace.” Arranged by Greg Dykes, and sung by the Synanon Choir; stero; manufactured by EPIC Records. 1970

RE Columbia Synanon movie

Pre-Release Information Box 118 Folder 3

Publicity Photographs, 1965 Box 118 Folder 4

“Synanon, the Original Motion Picture”, 1965 Box 117 Folder 3

“The Synanon News,” [1965] Box 118 Folder 5

Obituaries: Charles Dederich Sr., 1997 Box 116 Folder 8

Slides Box 117 Folder 1

Television Broadcasts and Town Meeting, 1978-1980
Contains the following DVDSs: 1. Synanon: TV Broadcasts 1978 2. Synanon: NBC News Broadcast 1978
3. Everyman: Synanon Documentary, [BBC], 1979 4. Town Meeting, Lake Havasu, Arizona, 1980 Nov. 13

Box 117 Folder 3

Video, 1980
Contains the following DVD: Synanon, Lake Havasu, Arizona, Town Meeting, 1980 November 13

Box xx

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Letters (File #1), 1979-1982 Box 124 Folder 3
Payment Stubs (File #2), 1982 Box 124 Folder 4
Claims File (#3) , 1979 Box 124 Folder 5
Police Search Warrant (File #4), 1976-1979 Box 124 Folder 6

Newspaper Clippings, 1978-1983 Box 124 Folder 7
Reporter’s Transcript of Proceedings (File #6), 1983 Box 124 Folder 8
Willie Mae Victor (File #7), 1983 Box 124 Folder 9
Morton, James B. (File #10), 1979-1980

Box 124 Folder 10

Interim Orders and Applications – Superior Court, 1979-1983

Box 124 Folder 11-13
Box 125 Folder 1-2

Disposition of Claims – Receiver’s Report, 1980 Box 125 Folder 3

Motions, 1980 Box 125 Folder 4

Robinson, Gale, et al, Lawsuit, 1979-1985 Box 125 Folder 5-8

Clippings: Magazines, 1978-1983

Kirsch, Jonathan: New West, “Beyond the Law”, 1979 December 17

Maxwell. Evan: Los Angeles Times, “Temple Survivors, Defectors Reunite”, 1978 December 28

Box 126 Folder 1

Box 126 Folder 1

Robinson, Greg: Look, “Jonestown: The Eve of Evil”, 1979 February 19

Douglas, David: National Enquirer, “New Jonestown Horror in U.S.”, 1980 April 1

Tracy, Phil: California, “Confessions of a Hero”, 1983 November

Mathews, Tom et al.: Newsweek, “The Cult of Death”, 1978 December 4

Axthelm, Pete et al.: Newsweek, “The Emperor Jones”, 1978 December 4

Steele, Richard et al.: Newsweek, “Life in Jonestown”, 1978 December 4

Kirsch, Jonnathan: New West, “Beyond the Law”, 1979 December 17

Box 126 Folder 1

Box 126 Folder 1

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

New Religious Movements Newsletter, “Scholars Respond to Jonestown Queries”, 1979 December

Box 126 Folder 2

Mitchell, Grayson: “Legal Shield Seen in Sect ‘Brainwashing'” Box 126 Folder 2

Chandler, Russell: Los Angeles Times, “L.A. Couple Sue Religious Leader”, 1978 June 9

Drummond, Bill: Los Angeles Times, “Report Says State Dept. Erred in Handling Jones Cult”, 1979 May 4

Torres, Ben Fong: Rolling Stones, “A Letter From San Francisco”, 1979 January 25

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

Box 126 Folder 2

Cahill, Tim: Rolling Stones, “In the Valley of the Shadow of Death”, 1979 January 25 Box 126 Folder 2

Report: “The Assassination of Representative Leo J. Ryan and the Jonestown, Guyana Tragedy”, 1979 Box 126 Folder 2

Inside Subject Memos Notebook:

Medical licensing laws; Synanon documents suggesting that it needed a license (Synanon admissions); legal decisions affecting religions; letter from the trading commission for schools, Board of medical quality assurance; declarations of Synanon has no license; March 1980 letter summarizing evidence the snake case as of that date – – 100 items listed; Jim Pagliuso memos on evidence – – summary of Larry and Norma Fisher’s testimony willmay 24th, 79 letter describes the free bees are over. Taking a Synanon truck in painting and place Inc. on it in driving it into Lake have assumed. Dan Garrett will handle the “funny” paper to avoid criticism. Home place Inc. will be added on to Synanon which will charge the people who go over to home place Inc. Thus you to would be paid and the free bees are over.
DAL group oh declaration re they asked about my sex life.
Summary of Dederich’s deposition in Touchlin case. Summary of book Synanon by Giuy Endore; summary of Self – Reconstruction Processes by Serbin and Adler (brainwashing and inferences; summary of Synanon documents concerning Imperial Marines; summary of Dan Garrett THE GRADUATE all Question; and decks of exhibits to ABC Dederich deposition; supplemental declaration Morantz in Butler attaching portions of the October 5 press conference where Dederich and Garrett admitted using corporeal punishment and knocking a kid on his ass, and Garfield says the use the back of the hand and they are “wild young animals.”. They beat up the Dinuba punks and put some trespassers in the hospital. Dederich loved guns.
Items seized by LAPD was search warrant; summary of David Deitch Synanon article; summary of Lance Kenton’s probation report statements., Audre Coke testimony and Mrs. Botts.; Summary Musico probation report, Musico statement, his mother; Hubbard, Ujeta statement, October 27, 1980 letter for Morantz to Judge Hogoboom re sentencing; summary of conversation with Joey Butler June 19, 1980; letter from pad about Dan and Leon going to my skull he’s office and encouraging Butler kids to “act out” against grandmother—call Australia and leave phone off the hook and run up bills over $130,000.– Diabolical creature.”

February 19 78 letter to investigator Chris Brett concerning Butler kids; March 29, 1979 letter from Cathy Mitchell that instructors at Rosa junior college said Synanon members spoke at class and said Francis when was planted in Synanon by Paul Morantz; ; summary of contents of LAPD file including dederich’s medical records; outer view of John Brafford September 28 78; media of release that Richard Gross said Synanon being framed for rattlesnakes. Claims Dederich is incompetent. Marin grand jury report; Pagliuso memo on contents of something table tapes.; Summary of tapes related to Steve Shieff.

December 29, 77 memo for Morantz on Marlo interview with Dederich about bombs going off. Marlowe had called Morantz.; Certified Board records; declaration of David Benjamin Rhee Paul Morantz declaration of Phil Burdette on think table; Synanon lists of tapes that discuss Morantz litigation; letter April 30, 1982 John Watson augmenting testimony.’ Memorandum reads Synanon’s responses to 1st set of interrogatories and requests for admission and 2nd set; summary of Burdette declaration 3 in table and declaration that no incident reports concerning Imperial Marines exists. California Department of public services injunction lawsuit against Synanon to stop providing nonmedical residential care to minors and adults violating 1502 of health and safety code; complaint for restitution by State of California; Morantz memorandum of evidence concerning Synanon violating licensing laws; wire story state dropping lawsuits against Church of God and Synanon because of new state law restricting authority signed by Gov. Brown.
Digital Video
Synanon Movie
Newscasts 78-84

Simon interview w/ Dderich re Game 5pts

The New Profession is changing world

Vasectomy, Names of people who left 1-7-1977

New Religious Posutre (You can get killed dead)

Dan Blackburn Synanon reports NBC 1979

Dederich, ten years sober


Bob and Joe (Center for FT)


Garield-Ross- Robson direction to hide
Violent actions memos in legal dept.

Corporeal punishment logs
(knocking kids on their ass)

Steve Simon dissertation (danger
You can be brainwashed)

Childbirth unmasked

Violent memos (proudly describing who
Beat up who and Robson orders for more
Violent actions . Includes

1. Attack on Alvin Gambonini
2. Kathy Coons July 6 77 incident report
To kidnap or beat Michael Chavez. Quotes
Dan Garrett and Red Williams cc;d to Legal
And Ed S1egel, Nanes who went on mission.
3. Incident Graeme and Harding
4. Robson to Ron Cook on Kim Myers
Beating and kidnapping, ccd to Missakian
5. Garfield 9-7-77 to Robson to hide memos
On beatings
6. Robson Leodora memo of 9-2 to take people into wearhouse
for thrashing –lesson in manners–and tell them they get worse
in future,. CC’d Chuck, Jr. Missakian
7. Robson Quinens memo: Use premeditated deadly
force without calling police. CC’d Missakian
8. 9-7 Robson Bragg memo re beating and off
Premise missions which are dangerous /illegal must be done
With best planning, CC’d Garfield, Chuck, Jr., Missakian
9. 7-19-77 Security log. Beating man in San Rafael—Musico,
10. Miller, Ujetta, Anderson
11. 4-1-1978 K. Coons Board Minutes. Present included Ted Dibble,
Missakian, Ron Cook, Jady, Akey, Chuck, Jr. Macyl Burke,
David Ross— Jady says Chris Benton talks in game
About Tom Carineau beating. He is aggressive and will do it again..
Jady says to make people think they are crazy and leave them
Alone. Have to game afterwards so they improve and do it better next time
12. 12-30-77 Alan Hubbard’s request to carry a concealed weapon.
13. 12-7-77 Robson memo to Ron Cook: November was “Month
Of the Hunt.” Tracked down eight from coast to coast. Those
Who had been in Synanon learning must help, can’t be neutral,’
They are learning from events how to do it better. Holy War.
Armed Patrol and Syndo discussed.
14. 12-1 Missakian to Robson questioning wisdom of mentioning
CED and guns on wire OVER AND OVER AGAIN
15 a 10-1TT CED: once decide to live in Synanon no more
decisions to make.; investigate sex lives at Dept, of Health;
We will break their knees; Mafia uses humane form of
Terrorism; human race is catching up; violence is more
Than standing up for a position Robson Jan, 78
to Missakian security, Holy War, guard dogs, Syndo
15. 12-28-77 Robson to Chuck re Weapon purchases. CC Cook
16. 8-27-77 CED: Synanon use physical force. Mafia does not have
seemliness killings, governments do. CC to Cook, Chuck Jr.
Jady, Ted Dibble.
17, 11-11-77 TT Mafia for years knows the power of breaking
elbows goes beyong the power of money
18 8-17-1977. Start own police force. Current obsession violence and aggression
19. Chris Haberman admitting Synanon residents attacked Eidson.
20. Steve Simon January 6, 1978 memo to chair including
excitement over war psture.
21. Ron Cook 1976 letter praising Childhood Unmasked
speech (having a baby is like farting a football)