Table of Contents–Suggested order of reading

Paul Morantz

After Rod Janzen’s inaccurate book on Synanon, The Rise and Fall of Synanon, a decade ago, along with Showtime canceling a movie on Charles Dederich, I took it upon myself to put up the true story of Synanon so that any future researches could know what really happened. I did not want the knowledge to die with me.

I became ill in 2003 which made it a struggle. I will continue to add to it as I can but I believe the history is now preserved. More of mid-70’s is to be written. Up until then has been done, including violence, my involvement (Escape series) and events that led to Syanon’s demise (Fall Series). From a human psychology view, Synanon is one of the most important stories of the 20th Century.

\\\ Each chapter is complete in of itself as to event or section of history. It was not written in chronological order, but this guide attempts to set that order. So below is guide in suggested order, plus subject matter.

Anyone interested in me can go to Cult Expert for non Synanon stories, or my paper on Totalistic Movements. Under USC the Agony and Ecstasy tells the story of my life intertwined with my love for USC football.

Special thanks to Jerry Rodgers, Marv Enquist, Lynne Hollis, Tris Brown, Bob Fremlin, Mike Carroll, John VandeKamp, John Watson, Frank Hertz, Tom Lawler, Richard Ofshe, Joey Butler, Ben Parks, Dottie Parks, Bernie Kolb, Phil Bourdette, Cathy Mitchell, Reader’s Digest, Narda Zacchino, Connie Chong and
Specially appearing Dave Mitchell

INTRODUCTION (why you should read)
A short statement telling what Synanon was and why its story is so important

Escape From Cielo Dr. (A Tale of Three Charlies)
The strange tale of Charlies Manson, my relationship with Charles Watson and the suggested my date with Synanon was long ago ordained.

The History of Synanon and Charles Dederich
August 2nd, 2008 (An overview).

• Chucky Rising and birth of Synanon Foundation, Inc.
January 22nd, 2010 (The birth of Charled Dederich through incorporation of Synanon)

• Synanon – The Early Years (The Night of The Great Cop-out)
The origins of Synanon, an organization that began for many with the best interest of recovering addicts in mind but which in warnings were made over the methods used—was the future ordained? Seeds of paranoia planted by citizens wanting Synanon out of Santa Monica

Synanon 1960’s Books
Three books written by Synanon supporters in 1960s; an admission of brainwashing, and warnings of the sad end to come. Yablonski own lack of empathy results in accurate book from which others warn he is describing danger.

• The Miracle on the Beach (Synanon I grows)
Synanon is seen as savior of addicts

Love amongst the Santa Monica Wars (Betty Coleman)
Synanon fights to keep Santa Monica from destroying it while love finds Andrew Hardy

Synanon early expansion
Synanon spreads it wings

Synanon Goes Hollywood
A movie on Dederich brings in Hollywood supporters and money

Act As If
Dederich commands obey on trust, not reason

Dederich instills Containment

Synanon goes to College and auto shop
Synanon spread to University’s and partners with Texaco

The Third Sector (Birth of Synanon II)
Synanon goes its own way

Mad Dogs
Santa Monica attacks the Del Mar Club. Mad dog Saturday occurs at Del Mar club. Dederich changes Synanon in l967 to a Utopian society and recruits squares (non addicts) to build it. Story tells how he used the Synanon Trip and Perpetual Stew to break and brainwash his followers to absolute obedience. Synanon initiates Containment—separates itself from the world and dooms its fate.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Dederich changes Synanon in l967 to a Utopian society and recruits squares (non addicts) to build it. Story tells how he used the Synanon Trip and Perpetual Stew to break and brainwash his followers to absolute obedience. Synanon initiates Containment—separates itself from the world and dooms its fate.

The Open Manhole
Dederich is surrounded by yes men, all afraid of the open manhole

One Hand Clapping
Synanon II–The new society–grows

Headsuckers on the Ponderosa and young Kenton
The building of Synanon II, the hatchery and the Dirty Double Dozen

The Godfather arises
Lifestyling at the Ranch, mass wedding and the Power and Dissent

Dad’s Old Fashion Root Beer
The taboo against violence is broken

To avoid taxes, CED becomes a deity.

Synanon III grows
Seeking tax avoidance Synanon III, the new religion, grows.

The Return to Rome
Badger, bald heads, slaves, Roman culture and militancy

Childbirth Unmasked: Crapping a football
Cost cutting: No more children–orders for abortions and vasectomies.

Robbing the Poor to give to the Rich
Synanon elite start looting the Foundation

Here Comes the Marines
The Holy War heats up under Doug Robson’s special squad

Change Partners and Dance
Dederich takes a stranger for a bride so all must follow

1978– the beginning of the end
Dederich and the elite loot the charitable trust and the Imperial Marines attempted murder

The Old Man pleads to murder attempt and the IRS moves in.

ESCAPE FROM GOLDEN STATE MANOR (T.B. RENFROE< I PRESUME ) The skid row alcoholic who started it all and the case that would lead to Synanon ESCAPE FROM SYNANON 1 How I got involved with Synanon and the story of a woman’s chance encounter to enter Synanon starts the organization’s unraveling. ESCAPE FROM SYNANON II Two failed warrant proceedings lead to an LA Times story by Narda Zuchinno that motivates a Marin Grand jury investigation leading to the entrance of Dave Mitchell who would win a Pulitzer prize ESCAPE FROM SYNANON III Ernestine White seeks her 3 grandchildren, the Butler kids, abandoned in Synanon. They are removed by police, weapons pointing. San Francisco apologizes and tells Synanon it is my fault. THE TRUE STORY OF SYNANON VIOLENCE AND HOW IT STARTED More than 80 incidents are told in detail recreated from Synanon memos, declarations and police reports. In l974 to deal with IRS Synanon becomes religion and starts Punk Squad for juveniles which for first time allows violence to be used as juveniles, unlike old time drug users, are not responsive to program. From there violence grows to use on accused members of breaking rules, then to its enemies. Finally, the creation of Her Majesty's Imperial Marines. The True Story of the Rattlesnake in the Mailbox Everything leading up to and including. New Times – The Horrors of Synanon Robert Sam Ansom’s story recounting Synanon history through snake attack. Synanon’s Legal Troops Declare Holy War The story of Synanon’s infamous legal department by Ansom that was terrorizing the media. Side bar story on me. FALL OF SYNANON I (Legal Blunder of Garfield-Garrett) Garfield Graduated No. 1 Harvard Law; Garrett No.1 at Hastings. Together they made a mistake assisting the conviction of Charles Dederich by themselves taking Dederich's deposition and allowing him to talk as he pleased and resulted in a confession. FALL OF SYNANON II (Garfield-Robson blunder) Dedicated to Bob Fremlin and Chris Brown-- the story of the Garfield-Robson blunder that led to discovery of Synanon memos directing terrorism, the source for above chapter on Synanon violence. The Arrest of Charles Dederich Time Magazine account of the arrest of Charles Dederich The Cesar and Chavez The game brings ruin to UFW FALL OF SYNANON III (Chance Meetings) The prosecution of Charles Dederich, Lance Kenton and Joe Musico by John VandeKamp, Steve Trott, Mike Carroll and John Watson FALL OF SYNANON IV Charles Dederich talks at deposition taken by me; makes many admissions. Dederich predicts I will join Synanon. FALL OF SYNANON V (Point Reyes Light) Dave and Cathy Mitchell "never stop investigating." FALL OF SYNANON VI (Hunt for Black October) The search for the key missing witness who drove a Black Datsun Z FALL OF SYNANON VII (Enter the IRS) Dedicated to Dept. of Justice lawyers Thomas Lawler and Frank Hertz-- two attorneys who took over the job and ended Synanon, which, like Al Capone, succumbed to taxes. Bette Fleishman and George Farnsworth tell tale of Steve Simon’s tape destruction project that leads to dismissal of Synanon's tax case and thus ends what once was Camelot but seduced by the dark side became the evil empire. FALL OF SYNANON VIII--THE DEPROGRAMING OF ROD MULLEN After deposing Rod Mullen, liking the guy, I sought to deprogram him FALL OF SYNANON IX --The cover-up Synanon's project to destroy evidence backfires. IRS MEMORANDUM ON SYNANON CASE IRS tells how Synanon established new law for a charity—do a crime and you don’t go tax-free. LANDMARK SYNANON LEGAL DECISIONS Summaries and all landmark decisions involving Synanon that made new law. Details of airport case, Faucette case, cover-up case, IRS case, Boston House case, right to free press (speak opinions freely) and for media right to secrete sources. Synanon media project to intimidate coverage is detailed. Escape From Synanon 4 –Bernie Kolb This is obit on Bernie Kolb who was saved by Synanon and then had to stop the terror the organization became. He was one of best friends I ever had. Synanon and the man who got the snakebite Point Reyes Light in Nov. of 2010 reads this site and does piece looking back on story that won it Pulitzer Prize. Justice The Holy War ends Final Justice destruction of evidence leased to Synanon's end, Camelot now lost in time, but they're there are those that fight that its lessons will not be forgotten. Aftermath-- the Susan Richardson report what happened to the children? Aftermath – – the legacy it didn't and with Synanon; the abuse carried on for decades in the clones, reaching tragedies in excess of those of in Synanon